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Your TOP is Another Man’s BOTTOM!




But men with bodies like Reggie’s and other gym rats be fooling you bottoms into thinking they’re all about the CAKE. But little do you know, that your TOP is somebody else’s bottom for a dime bag and some good cash.

Don’t believe me? Check your GRINDR, JACK’D, and TINDR accounts. They’re generous with the cash flow.

There’s nothing wrong with a man working with what he got, to get what he wants. I don’t knock another man’s hustle. But you BOTTOMS and these FAIRYTALE dreams needs to stop. THIS STRICT TOP SHIT NEEDS TO BE ERASED FROM Y’ALL THOUGHT PROCESS.

But I love how people are quick to say that A TOP can’t let his booty get demolished… Meanwhile, they’re MCM in somebody’s luxury hotel or run down motel right now getting they walls greased up for the right price.

You think they’re advertising the cakes on IG for nothing? STRAIGHT MEN? TOPS?

Somebody’s down for the prize for the right price…

I would never be foolish to think a man’s appearance can stop him from liking something sexually.

Yeah, some of these men are married, chasing after pussy, and got side chicks and side boys. But at the end of the day, behind closed doors, they’re down for the cause… Some of them are down for WHATEVERRRR (in my cardi b voice.)

I was going to leave this topic alone until somebody had to slide into my DM trying to argue me down…

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They thought I was going to back down from an argument.


I guess they thought that I was going to be bothered…

MY OPINION is MY OPINION, which is why this is MY BLOG, and I CHOOSE what I WANT to SPEAK ON… I have that right, I pay THAT bill, so it’s my shit.

So HEY BOO… I made this post just for you, and to remind you that those keystrokes are optional. If you feel the need to come back in my DM’s bring those pics you got leaked on TUMBLR. I heard you insta famous now for those arch booty shots. Too bad, yo walls still got some residue in those pics. I can post whatever I choose and see fit to publish on… I have that right.

Now you worry about those untreated marks and spots on yo booty and stop trying to come for my blog boo.

Like, I’m not messy, I’m addressing a particular individual that wanted the spotlight.




I love how in 2017 we can express our interests and sexuality. These labels are nothing more than a yesterday’s news to the community. These men shouldn’t have to play up a role to be validated, as TOPS or MASCULINE MEN. Some of these men can very well be the next man’s bottom while serving trade realness. Why can’t we have more versatile men than strict tops? Why when a man reveals that he likes the eggplant, then he’s not “MAN ENOUGH” anymore?

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Judgment in this community is so venomous and messy. But as I stated in the other post, it’s all an illusion. It’s all for SHOW! These men in the gyms are the most significant bottoms around. The guys with the best bodies and the hood appeal are the main ones moaning like a real one!


They want big dacks in their booty.

So please, this whole TOPS and STRICT MASC TOPS needs to stop. I haven’t met one in years. I mean the legitimate STRICT TOPS because all the other ones been traded, in their TOP cards. They got they cherry popped a long time ago…

You just stuck up on these images, videos, and illusions. But that’s where they had me. Sucked plucked and plumped in my dm’s fooled. You thought — I wasn’t going to entertain you. But I told you this would be a post. Thank you for the material.

So let’s not be ignorant and JUDGEMENTAL. Respect my views and opinions, and I’ll respect yours as well, which most people do as mature adults. But challenging me to speak my mind again, was not a problem for me. This is just another post and material for me. THANKS, ASHY CAKES.

Shout out to all my TRADE REALNESS boys that be full out BOTTOMS! You don’t have to change yourself for these shitty holes, wet ass, hotcake, flat baked bottoms with so much shit to say. Do what makes YOU HAPPY, and never allow Anybody to have control over your lives. BE HAPPY… DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! MASC, FEM, BOTTOM, STRICT TOP OR IN BETWEEN!

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Hello, my name is Anthony! I am 27-years-old. I was born and raised in New Jersey [Joissyyy whattup] I like to consider myself an author at heart with a blogger mindset. I write what's on my mind, and I speak my mind. I'm sensitive about my shit!

Dear Gay Men Of Color

Bullying Led Him From Being Feminine To Masculine: The Importance Of Just Being Yourself As A Gay Man Of Color!



Homophobia and gay bashing have caused people to consider ending their lives. The fact that acceptance is harder to receive from society still in 2018 is heartbreaking. Nobody should be judged and ridiculed for just being themselves.

In a time of facing hate and judgment, you can’t even turn to your own community, and to be honest about it, their opinion and hatred towards you are way harsher than most homophobes, we encounter.

So who do you turn to in a time of feeling these painful moments, and having deep thoughts of just giving in to be accepted, or left alone? Who can you rely on? Who has your back?

Nobody deserves to strip themselves down and rebuild themselves to fit in or be accepted by somebody else’s standards. You should live how you choose and be whoever you want to be in your life.

We shouldn’t allow people’s ignorance to determine who we are and what we are supposed to represent as gay men of color.

Last night I got a message on Twitter, and it made me very fucking emotional. A supporter of JBA wrote me explaining his situation with being bullied into masculinity. The fact that he was completely stripped and mistreated to the point of losing his will to fight made me feel his pain even more.

He gave in because he didn’t have anybody to embrace him, during his hardest battle yet. This man was once a boisterous, bold, blunt, open minded person, who lived out loud and in color. He described himself as confident in his skin, and even in his femininity. He wore light makeup, dressed colorful, and in whatever he liked to wear, he wore it proudly. He was living in his truth, and a group of cowardly men saw his light shining and wanted to dim it.

He worked in a warehouse, and I know you’re reading this thinking, “well it’s just a job.” Yes, but imagine just living life as you are and for 10 hours straight you’re being harassed, bullied, taunted, mocked, ridiculed, and of all things judged. Why? All because you were living and walking in your truth.

We live in a world where fear can take down the strongest man alive.

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He may have been confident, but after being broken down, day by day, you start to retreat and strip down that confidence, layer by layer, until you’re completely nude and vulnerable.

It’s like with animal abuse; someone beats a dog so many times, the poor dog won’t even bark the same again. Abuse doesn’t always have to be physical. With the mentality of a homophobic individual, you can’t be spared. These type of people are evil, and they don’t care. They have no feelings not even for fellowman.

This man was mentally abused to the point that he stopped being boisterous. He wasn’t carrying himself with confidence or walked with his head up high. This man changed who he was, so that he wouldn’t be bullied, insulted, shamed, and judged, anymore.

He wanted to stop the noise, to put an end to the feeling of not being safe. Nobody deserves that treatment! They treated him like he was garbage, and as if his life had no value.

This man had a broken spirit. When your spirit is broken, it’s a done deal. So he stopped wearing the colorful clothes, he found himself isolated within himself just to get through the shift. He took on a hyper-masculine appearance to no longer stand out as the feminine, black, loud, colorful gay man.

He thought if he fits in and not appear feminine then the hate would stop. It did, and that’s what they wanted to see. The laughing stopped, the pointing and whispering ended. He found a slight peace of mind, but he lost his voice, he lost his identity.

He became what those people wanted him to be, and he ultimately killed himself spiritually. He was dead inside and broken, and he finished the job by giving them the power that they had longed for. He was defeated.

After that, he’s went through his depression, and he expressed this period in his life, as being one of the hardest battles. He’s never been bullied, or gay bashed before, and it woke him up to somebody else’s reality.

He didn’t think it would happen to him because it hasn’t been his experience. But now he’s in somebody else’s shoes, and he feels that type of pain.

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The depression was so severe that he didn’t want to get out of bed. Days went by, and he started to call out from work. He didn’t want to hang out with his friends. He became utterly silent, and his world was silenced because of his first real experience with gay bashing. He was getting calls from his job, informing him that he was on the verge of being jobless.

So he went back, but he still didn’t go back being his true authentic self. His friends at the job were concerned, but he isolated himself from them so he wouldn’t be a target anymore. He didn’t speak to anybody and kept to himself. He expressed overhearing some remarks, but he was so numb that it didn’t even phase him, and not in a good way. It just made him more closed off.

It wasn’t until one day he woke up and just like a snap of the fingers; he wanted to break those chains.

He didn’t want to feel numb and silent anymore. He couldn’t do it, and he finally found his inner peace, which led to him finding his inner voice again. He got a new job, and he didn’t show up living a lie, he came in living in his truth.

The colorful clothes and makeup came back and was applied again to his face. The big voice and heartfelt laughter filled his spirit once again. This time he was bolder than ever before. That dark cloud had vanished, and he was finally able to see the sunlight. It wasn’t easy, and it was frightening due to his experience. But he made it back to the place, he had known so well.

He maintained a socially acceptable level of masculinity just out of fear of being a victim of hate again. But he didn’t allow that to keep him from being vibrant. This time he was going to remain true to himself.

He learned that trying to be masculine like those men who bullied him, didn’t fill any void. Being masculine caged him in, and made him submit to a false identity. If he had kept living that way, he would have ended up becoming self-destructive.

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Everybody doesn’t have the strength to live and carry on a lie. It starts to eat at them mentally, and spiritually. If you not spiritual just know, I’m speaking about from within. These fake gay hyper-masculine men are suffering inside. I’m not talking about legitimate masculine gay men. I’m speaking about the ones who suppress their feminity. There’s a reason why a lot of closeted men sadly commit suicide. It’s hard to live a lie when you know; you’re not happy living it.

Some people can live a lie, and be completely numb to the truth. But the majority of us can’t live that way. It’s exhausting, and it’s draining to keep up a facade to fit into society. At some point, you will break, and hopefully its those chains of fear.

There’s a lot of black gay men, who have stripped themselves down of their true identity to create a false character to be accepted. I can’t blame them, nor judge them because I’m not walking in their shoes. I’m not enduring their pain, and I can’t save them from those homophobe vultures, who may lash out at them.

But I pray that those people come out of those chains and just free themselves. Find your inner happiness because living in fear, and living a lie, won’t do it. You won’t be able to live for others and expect to keep a valuable piece of yourself at the same time. If something has to be given it’s going to be your spirit or mind. There’s a lot of broken-spirited people putting on masks and facades to be accepted by people, who still won’t accept them.

There’s nothing wrong with being a feminine black gay man. You shouldn’t be ashamed of who you are and what you internally represent. That’s your inner peace that you’re throwing away by running from your truth. Don’t fall for the hyper-masculinity in hopes of being embraced. Guess what? It’s only a matter of time before your tea is spilled, and your truth is all over you. They will see through you at some point, so don’t be fake for a seat at the table.

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Anthony Unapologetic

Dear Future Husband



I wanted to write an open letter to my future husband! (Cough cough) Don’t judge me, but I believe that writing things into existence works. 😈 😝 I want you guys also to do this, and write an open letter to your future husband as well.

I believe in manifesting what I want from my imagination to my front door! So it’s possible that I may, or even one of you might meet a potential husband from writing him into your own reality. 😍😘👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👪❤💯

So check out my dear future husband letter, and I hope you guys consider writing a letter, even if you use mines as an inspiration for your own.

Dear Future Husband,

I know you’re probably never read this on here, but you just may be reading this right now. But I’m writing this letter for you to know, how I feel. I hope you get this before the next fuck boy comes into my life and blocks you. But I know, no matter what. You’ll find your way to me.

I promise I’d never compare you to my past mistakes, nor would I hold you to your own. Nobodies perfect, and we’ve all fucked up a few times, and may even have broken a few hearts. But one thing I can promise is I’ll protect yours and shield it from all the painful experiences you’ve faced, and any doubt you may have at times about our love.

I don’t want you to feel like you can’t love again because I too fear the unknown, and the fear of losing love again may still haunt the both of us. But when I’m with you, I want you to know that every moment will be cherished. I want to hear your heartbeat. I want to stare into your eyes, and see the pain that I can heal, and also be healed from when you look into mines as well. Many times you’ve heard those simple I-love-you’s and had many heartbreaks. But when I say my forever, it’s very well a forever. I promise to stand by you through any storm, pain, or struggle. It’s us against the world, and when everything comes crashing down around us, I’ll be the one to lay my life on the line for us, as I know you will for me.

Our love will change a nation, but also create a foundation in which nobody can destroy or break if they wanted to. These scars you wear, I want to kiss them. I want you to be more than the ideal man for me, I want you to be my best friend. I want to tell you my deepest secrets, without fearing that you’d judge me for my past. I want you to open up to me in ways you’ve never imagined, opening up to any man. I want you to be able to complete my sentences, and I’m able to look at you and tell what it is that you’re feeling. I want to be able to know when you’re scared, so I can be the hero, that you’ve always longed for.

I want us to grow old together, watch our children grow into the respectful adults that I know, we would provide the best for as a team. Not just a duo, but a team that is solid, even during differences and disagreements. I want us to communicate through any problems that may arise in our relationship because neither one of us is perfect. I don’t want to go to bed without sorting out any differences, and arguments between, the two of us.

I want people to be able to see our aura, as we travel the world, and continue to grow deeper in love. Sex won’t be the focus for our love like the childish little men we’ve both wasted time entertaining in our past. When we make love, it will be with a purpose and will provide more than a lustful ending. Our love will be pure, and sincere. I want to be able to reach out my hand at night and feel yours reaching back. I want us to wake up, and the first thing we do is connect eyes. Our morning breath may not be the best, but the fact we’re given another day together would make it all worth it. I want every moment with you to be like it’s our last, so we will always cherish each other that much deeper.

That day we come to meet, face to face I want it to be based on our chemistry, and not how quick you want to fuck me, vice versa.

I want to be able to be vulnerable with you, and not fear you walking away when I get too attached. When you’re sick, I’ll be the one to heal you back to health. When you’re mad, I’ll be the one to make you laugh, and get rid of that frown. When you’re sad, I will be the one to put a smile on your face again. There will be no limits to our love, and distance won’t keep us apart.

You may meet me today, tomorrow, or even next week. But I want you to know that the moment we intertwine, it will be the moment our soul’s tie. We won’t always see eye to eye, but the makeup sex will be phenomenal. Despite your stubbornness and my silent treatments, we’ll be able to laugh about the small shit, instead of holding onto the dumb shit. I want us to bond closer, over our disagreements.

We can check guys out together, and scan the room for sexy men, but keep our hands on each other and on nobody else, even if one of us felt a natural lust for other people. No matter what life may throw at us, we both will be ready for the punches. We’ll build our empire together, and always have each other’s backs until our final days. Even after the end, I want you to remain with me for eternity, and beyond. You have no other choice! You mines, niggggggaaaaa! [LOL]

I love you, and I don’t even know you yet. But I know, when I have you, I won’t ever need for another again.


your future husband.

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Anthony Unapologetic

There Are Two Types Of Gay Men | Find Out Which One Are You?



I firmly believe that there are two types of gay men in this world. I’m going to explain to you what those types are, and why in a second. I think most of you already know these types and realized you fit one or the other. But we all fall under one of the two categories.

Now we all ain’t freaks, and we all don’t expect certain things immediately. Some guys like to take things slow, get to know a person first, and then maybe reveal their freaky side. While, other gay men are straight at hello by wanting to know how big it is, how deep you can take this dack, and how good them lips feel when putting in some work.

So I’m going to explain to you the two types of gay men that are roaming among us. You decide which one you are as well.


Gays #1 who rather say “hello” first, instead of requesting or sending nudes. They are interested in finding chemistry before making a sexual connection. These men are more so sapiosexual than sexual.




Gays #2 who rather you send nudes first, and save all that other shit for later. They are quick to sending you their nudes and mixing sex into the conversation quite sooner then you’d expect.






Now I understand, Gays #2 like to know what you’re working with before wasting any our time on getting to know you. Talking about your hobbies, dreams, and goals means nothing to them at first. Their minds are set on way more IMPORTANT sexual things.

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Gays #1 Would like to sit and maybe have an intimate conversation over the phone, maybe a dinner date. We prefer intimate connections before going in the sexual route.

While Gays #2 Just rather get to the point and cut all the bullshit. If we fucking, then let’s do it and not spend so much time on pointless conversations.

But I get it, and sex is the critical factor in life for this type of gay man. He doesn’t care about your favorite colors or food of choice. He wants to know whether or not if you can please and satisfy his sexual needs.

Now for most of you guys who are Gays #1 you want to explore the minds of other men, and then maybe entertain sex. But your immediate thoughts aren’t based on sexual needs of your own. You want to know who he is, what he’s about and how the two of you can mesh together. It’s not even about sexual connections at first. You are not looking at his pictures lusting and having the temptation of exploring his body. You don’t function that way, and you probably hate the thought of sex before you even know anything about the person.

Now for Gays #2 immediately you are aroused if this person attracts you. You want to see their bodies and imagine all the sexual shit you both could do together. The moment he rejects your request for sending you naked photos, you are quick to move on and hit up the next guy. You might have had a potential connection with him, but you lost all interest in that very moment of his rejection of nudes. You like to explore your sexual options before investing any time getting to know the person.

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Sex first, feelings and mental connections later. You are not focused on his goals in life or his likes. Although you may actually be interested in him, your primary concern is based on whether or not his sex is good enough for your over-the-top sexual appetite. A sexual connection drives you, and that’s okay. Some guys are more sexual than others, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a heart. You still have a beautiful spirit, and often you’re misjudged for your sexual nature. Once guys get over the over-sexualized side of you, then they can see the BIG potential. But you do frighten people before they can even think about investing time into you.

I think both types of gay men have special qualities. Some advantages and disadvantages as well. Whether if you want to explore the body first, or if you’re solely relying on mental stimulation. We all have something to offer at some point. Gays #1 don’t judge Gays #2 for being sexual and wanting to see you in the nude. But also Gays #2 don’t lose interest so quick for Gays #1 for needing a mental connection, before exploring your bodies and having a sexual connection.

Which Type Of Gay Are You?

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