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When Pretending To Be A Gay Rapper Goes Wrong

(Official music video)

Even though this is a social experiment/prank, the message still speaks volumes. Homophobia is still very much active within the black community. But what this video also shows is that you can’t judge a book by its cover. The reason why I say that is despite the few homophobic guys, there were also men who stood in support.

They didn’t see “Boss Man” as anything other than what he presented himself as which was an artist. They may not have been gay themselves, but they didn’t allow who he was in any way to stop them from backing him up. That took courage, and SECURITY within themselves as heterosexual men.

But the guys who were gone, out of there, not trying to see that “gay shit.” Were the ones who gave off DL vibes. You know, the down low man ain’t going to want to be PUBLICALLY associated with homosexuality. Even if it was as simple as a damn kiss, they were acting like this man was getting his back blown out.

I appreciated this video even more, after watching it again and now sharing it on the blog. This isn’t some new video, and I shared it a year ago, back when I had my last blog up. This video was one of the top viewed videos on my blog, reaching over 120k views! The video has over 1 million views currently and counting. So I would like to take credit for being a contributor in making that happen. (LOL)

But this isn’t about me, this is about the MESSAGES in the video. As mentioned above, you can’t assume people will hate you, judge you, reject you for being gay. That goes for strangers in society, fellow peers at school and work, or even relatives. You don’t know how a person may act when you reveal yourself as an openly gay man.

But after watching this video, and seeing these men who were not apart of this production, stayed in support. That is what I like to take away from watching this video — is the¬†fact that support doesn’t have to be from those who we expect the most. It can be from people, who we would assume would bash and hate us.

These were random men on the street that they invited to do this video. These men didn’t know shit about the actor. But to see those men support, and didn’t care about his sexuality, shows me that there’s still a little bit of hope.

After you watch that video, make sure you check out another social experiment video, I found online. This one has a little more serious tone to it.

I appreciate you guys for supporting the blog, please continue to support and come back to read more content. I got so much more to offer, and share! I love speaking my mind, and sharing my views with you guys. The mission is to hope that you guys can relate to me. From the overwhelming support, I think I’m doing good.

If you like to leave a comment about the video and your opinion on my mini-speech, then go ahead. If you choose not to comment directly on the post (lol) you can comment on Facebook, or via a Twitter response or DM.


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