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Welcome To My World! ;)

Hello, welcome to the rebranding of my blog JustBeingAnthony.com. I appreciate you guys for stopping by and reading my posts, watching my vlogs, and just sharing your support.

In case if you haven’t heard about me before, I am a black gay blogger. I’ve written countless articles online speaking about my experiences as a black gay man. I have had millions of views, thousands of shares, and more. But the biggest achievement for me is the fact that I’ve reached tons of black gay men as one of the leading black gay blogs in the last 10 years (LEGENDARY).

I started my blog back in 2010 and several other well-established blogs since then.

According to Anthony will be where I share my life, my struggles, and my testimony. Everything from very personal experiences to my unpopular opinions about other things in our lifestyle.


Hello, Welcome to my personal blog JBA. I am a blogger, vlogger, inspired musician and TV producer. I mostly blog about my experiences as a black gay man. You’ll come across content based on relationships, dating, lifestyle, reading, shade! LOL. Make sure you check out my vlogs! Share the site and the posts on your social media.

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