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Two Strikes Against Us: Challenges Of Being Black And Gay

Being black and gay isn’t a crime, nor should it be viewed as incriminating to be comfortable in your skin. But every single day some of us have to be reminded of two things. Our skin color and sexuality. For some reason, people expect us to apologize for just simply being… Two strikes against us, meanwhile we are often crucified for reasons out of our control. I didn’t ask to be black or gay.

People think it was a choice for us to be gay. I don’t believe in picking your sexuality like it’s out of a damn candy machine. There was no choice for me. This is who I am. As a black man, I had no say in my race either. But I’m proud to be black and gay, and neither one overrides the other.

We have to deal with racism and homophobia on a regular basis. People don’t understand the struggle of not only being a minority but also bashed by your own people. Then on top of that, we have to endure the self-hate and brokenness within the gay community. It’s a struggle, and if you haven’t experienced the hardships then consider yourself lucky and blessed.

Every single one of doesn’t share the same journey or experience the same struggles. But at the end of the day, I think we all can identify with this situation. We all know how it is to be the odd ball out within the family for being gay. We all know how it feels to be targeted for the skin color on our backs. We all can share a story and testimony. So while many of us experience hardships, we all can connect on overcoming them.

Nobody can speak our truths like us. Being openly gay and black comes with a lot of pain. It doesn’t matter if your rich or poor, you have experienced something regarding your race or sexuality. Despite any strikes against us. Many of us have backstories of struggle and also testimonies of struggles we’ve overcome. The homophobia, racism, and self-hate some of our fellow brothers have because they haven’t overcome their battle yet.

When I see a person who identifies as black and gay, but they’re internally corrupted. I understand their struggle, and I pray that they get through it. Because it can break you, and you never know what a person is going through. Yeah, some of our experiences may be lightweight, but someone else may be experiencing something more tragic and completely mind altering. Some of these men have broken spirits all because of those two strikes. Who can they turn too? Why do they find comfort in drugs and risky behavior? What’s eating them up inside?

Being black and gay isn’t easy, and anybody who told you it was — is a damn lie. So we have to support those who are struggling with feeling alone. Because for most of us, when we do encounter those two strikes — it feels like we’re suffering alone. But like I always say, you’re never alone.   


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