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Thirst Traps On Social Media And The Men Who Use Them!

Yesterday, I came across one of my social media follower’s profile, after he posted some pictures on Facebook. The images were explicit and very sexualized. The message, I got from looking at his pictures were thirst traps. Now, I could be wrong, but if you’re going to take several pictures of your ass arched up, then what type of attention you expect to get? Do you think you’re attracting guys, who are going to respect you?

What makes it even worse is what he wrote in the post, because it was opposite from what he was showing in the pictures. He wrote that he wished he had a bae to cuddle up with, because he’s tired of being alone. That’s not going to get you a “bae” that’s going to get you some dick.

Now mind you, guys were starting to comment. I kept refreshing the page and more comments popped up. But this is when things go left… It always goes left, and these guys still don’t get it.

So the comments were becoming more aggressive and sexually explicit. These guys were telling him all sorts of freaky shit, I saw a few dick pics were also posted in the comments. It was totally disrespectfully. But then again, he totally didn’t see it coming… SIDE EYE!

What made me cringe was his reaction to the comments. He was OFFENDED! He was BOTHERED and he made it known. He started going off, talking about “you thirsty ass ni&&as, and all you hoes want is ass and a nutt.” He was going OFF, as if he didn’t see it coming.

SIR… You can’t get mad when you get what you’re asking for… It doesn’t work like that sir… You have to take it back… TAKE IT BACK! Delete, erase and never make this dumb ass decision again. But you can’t go off about the reaction to your ACTION. You decided to post those pictures, and now you getting what you were asking for… which is what? Attention.

I politely slid in his DM’s (not for the cakes, because those were hot cakes — flat!) So I asked him was he okay?

He immediately started going off on me, talking crazy. I don’t do well with all of that, especially when I was trying to be positive. I was trying to give him my advice, maybe my advice was harsh or too DIRECT and he took it personally. But needless to say, that ass was blocked.

You can’t get mad when put yourself out there like that… You get what you give… And if you’re giving the LOOK, ILLUSION, THE IMAGE then that’s what people are going to form their opinions on. If you going to look easy, then guys going to think it’s easy to spit game.

I see this situation time and time again, and it always ends up messy. The person who posts the images get all in their feelings, but fail to realize the message they’re portraying about themselves on social media.

One thing you can’t do is thirst trap while using the disguise of looking for love, romance, etc. But you’re giving lust, sexual, freak, horny realness. It doesn’t work out in your favor and no matter what you say, it will just look funny.

People need to take responsibility for how they’re portraying themselves online. You making these long ass facebook statuses, but yet you post half naked pictures of yourself. I just blocked another guy last week for the same thing. I don’t like contradictions. If you going to preach against something, then don’t turn around and do it. If you’re claiming you want a particular thing, don’t go out and seek something else. Love and lust don’t go hand in hand, it just doesn’t work like that. So when you’re displaying lust but crying out about wanting love it’s just silly to me.

If you’re going to be all about sex, and sex only then okay cool. Post all the ass shots, dick rock pics you want and your soul desires. But don’t be about something else and then get mad when you do a call and response. You got what you wanted, now accept that shit or don’t put it out there.

thats all, I just wish you these men stop doing that shit — it’s embarssing as fuck. I get second hand embarrassment every time I go down my timeline. The thirst is real — but when they get a fill up, they get pressed. We can’t expect for these men to respect us, if we don’t respect ourselves! You want love, then present yourself in a way that the right guys can attract themselves to you. That’s not the way to go.

You want love then show it. Because half naked pictures is not showing me I can take you seriously. Who going to wanna date/love a guy who’s naked all over the damn internet? Enough said. Dear black gay men do better! We can’t keep taking these damn L’s. This is common — I see it all the damn time!


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