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Things Not To Do On Jack’d Or Grindr

I think we’ve all experienced online dating in 2017 or at least by now. Who hasn’t been on jack’d, grindr, or any of the other gay apps?
It’s pretty realistic what to expect from the app, and what the guys are looking for most of the time. Yeah, you have a few guys seeking genuine friendships (sometimes with benefits.) But most of the time, guys are looking for a good sexual encounter. Guys want to get to the bedroom, and in your bedsheets.
Most of the guys are looking for sex only, a quick fuck and go home with a wet leaking ass.
One thing I think people realize quickly when contacting guys on these apps; is that everybody’s intentions are not the same. You have your typical catfishes, the sex addicts, and even the typical no photo DL ghost profiles. Some guys are strictly on Jack’d bored out of their minds at school or work, other guys are looking for legit LTR.
Now if you not sure what LTR stands for it simply means, Long-Term Relationship. In most cases, guys will put LTR if they’re seeking something serious. Every guy is different, and every profile won’t display the same information of course.
So I decided to make this point to share some things I think guys need to stop doing online. Some are straight up obvious from the gate, but overall you guys will understand. I hope you guys can relate, and if you too experienced some of these similar things, share in the comments.
Here’s a list of things that kind of drives me crazy about online apps. Some of these things should be commonly known. But just in case, if you’re unfamiliar or even aware of Jack’d, Grindr, Tinder, etc. You’ll be able to read this article and form your own conclusion about the apps.
But I’m just going to share my opinion, and I’m sure you guys will agree with me on a lot of stuff. So let’s get into this post.

Showing Little To No Interests In Messages

Rejection is a hard pill to swallow; especially when you feeling yourself. But one thing you will notice while browsing online is the typical guy that’s just not feeling you, the way you’re feeling them. You get the one line word responses etc… But instead of that little red buzzer going off in your head to step off, some guys will continue to sending unwanted messages.
I can’t stand guys who push for something that just isn’t there. There’s no connection, no feeling and definitely no vibe. Even after stating the obvious; that you’re just not that interested. Then once that block button is pressed, feelings get pressed as well. Consistency does not work when it’s not a mutual feeling!

Having No Profile Pics!

Nobody likes to talk to a blank profile; let alone an anonymous guy lurking behind one. The moment you sign is the moment you post your actual pictures. I’m not talking about just any type of photos. Not photos of celebrities, your body pics, etc..  You can’t complain about the guys blocking and being rude towards you.
It’s 2017 going into 2018 REVEAL YOURSELF! Nobody cares about you being down low! The whole DL thing will not attract anybody. Most guys will ask that you unlock your photos before contacting them. We all know how annoying it is to deal with this type of guy online.

Writing Guys Who Didn’t Reply To The First Message

There’s nothing more annoying than hundreds of unwanted messages. Not from various of guys but just one weirdo. When nobody responds back to the first message; why continue to message them?
After being ignored for hours and sometimes days, they show up again. This time to curse you out and tell you how much of a whore you are. I mean it can get pretty nasty when guys are rejected.


Claiming Positions And Roles, You Don’t Practice; Lying About Dick Size!

Gay men can be so deceiving!

Whether if they lying about their sexual roles or their dick size. It’s just lies after lies after lies. While labels are complete distractions to the bigger picture, many go along with it faithfully.

Yeah, it sucks that we judge each other based on labels, but lying doesn’t make it any better. “Masc for masc” type of thing. Nobody wants to be overlooked. But when it comes to being truthful, tell the truth bruh.

Discrimination in the gay community is very real. We know this already. But when it comes to misleading people it doesn’t help the situation at all. Yeah, feminine men are usually the bottom of the barrel. Trust me, somebody out there will love you for who you are.


Claiming For LTR But Looking For Quick Hook-Ups

One thing that pisses me off is guys that lie about wanting LTR; when their intentions are only to hook up.
So many guys are playing mind games. It’s not fair, but you got to know how to play the fucking games back as well. Friends don’t seek sex with other friends. So the moment sex is even mentioned, drop that ass like a bad habit.
Don’t waste your time or energy on false hopes and misleading fools. Platonic friendship doesn’t require knowing your dick size or how bomb yo head game is… READ IN-BETWEEN THE LINES!


Nude Photos And Less Profile Information

This is inappropriate to be asking for nudes. Like can you at least fill out your profile information first?
Most guys aren’t looking to be spending more than one night with you. You will notice those are the guys that refuse offer you more. I rather see your face before I see your dick. It’s just common curiosity to introduce yourself with a hello, instead of your dick hanging low in your pics.
We should be able to offer more than our bodies to strangers. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case for most of the guys we encounter online.


Regardless of anything I’ve stated above, remain safe and be cautious and careful of guys you meet online. Everybody does not have your best interest at heart. You have to be cautious at all times. Do not fall for the bullshit, and every guy ain’t worth the time. If you have some things you want to add to the list, leave a comment down below sharing your own. Oh, by the way, I don’t fuck with GRINDR! JACK’D ALL DAY…

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