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The Pressure Of Being Gay: Depressed and Suicide In The Community

Suicide and depression are one of the biggest problems within the black gay community. I think we all know somebody who suffers from depression, whether if they’re open about it or not. Being gay as a black man is indeed a struggle at times. The pressure added, makes it even harder. I can’t speak for anybody but myself, yes there have been times, I too wanted to crumble. But the strength of GOD restored me.

Many black gay men have suffered from hate crimes and even homophobia at home. Many of our brothers have been abandoned and disowned all because of who they choose to love. Mothers and Fathers are disowning their flesh and blood, their children for something they never asked to become in life. I didn’t become gay by choice. This is who I am. It has been this way from birth, and as long as I could remember. I always identified as a black gay man.

I’m not sure if you guys realize, but depression and the suicide rate is very high around the holiday season. While many of us, are planning to feast and spend time with loved ones, somebody will not have that opportunity. The black family will always be dysfunctional if we keep this toxic mindset about homosexuality. A young boy just lost his life at the hands of his father all because he identified as gay.

We need to support each other. Spread love instead of negativity. Don’t shade each other, embrace each other. Let’s make the unity happen these next few months.

If you are one of the men I’m posting about, share your testimony about your personal struggles. If you are somebody, who struggled with depression, share your testimony in the comments.  Your words may be powerful enough to help somebody who may come across them. Somebody will more than likely read this and maybe actually be suffering from depression. The change starts within the community before we can expect change anywhere else. Be your brother’s keeper; you don’t have to know anybody who may like this post or comment, but reach out! Converse with them. If you share a similar experience tell them.

So many of us feel alone in our thoughts, pain, and struggles. But I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. That even if it feels like you’re facing another lonely night, just know there are people here for you. I just wanted to make this topic, and hopefully, it can become a discussion. My comments are positive, and you guys share some deep word of wisdom and testimonies.


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