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The Man Of My Dreams Is Another Man’s Sexual Fantasy On Social Media

This is low key messy, but in a way messiness always finds its way to me. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to share this story a while ago. But I guess since these stories are highly requested, I guess I’ll speak on it.

I was very embarrassed about this situation for a long time. Some people I’m cool with don’t even know about this at all. But it happened over a year ago. Somehow, I thought about it earlier, and I guess I’ll just tell the story.

I met a guy on Jack’d a year ago… I KNOW, JACK’D IS THE DEVIL! But Shit, I don’t fuck with Grindr, and BGCLIVE is FILLED with hackers, trolls, and bums. Ugh, that site has completely made a turn for the worst. But anyway, I met this guy on Jack’d and at first, I was looking at his pictures sideways, not in a shady way. I knew I had seen his face somewhere, but I just couldn’t pinpoint where whether if it was in real life or cyberland. But keep reading… The story just getting started.

I kept looking at his pictures, but I couldn’t figure out where I’ve seen his face before. I’m good with faces. I can recognize guys I’ve blocked, slid in their dms, sexted, etc. I recognize a face before even remembering their name.  So I thought nothing of it. He lived a state away, and I won’t say which state because it will be too obvious who I’m speaking about.

We started talking, just regular conversation. He kept trying to get me to come chill with him, and all this extra shit. I wasn’t interested because I barely meet up with guys right away off-line. One thing about me, you will wait a while before we meet. This has saved me time and problems on many occasions. So I definitely don’t jump up and meet randoms off the internet.

The conversation was good, and I noticed he was very SEXUAL. I usually avoid the sexual lusting type of guys. I’m not into the phone sex and all of that. He wanted to do all this sort of shit on the first day of talking. Should’ve been a clue right there, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t going to allow him to talk me into anything I wasn’t willing to do. So I entertained the sexting for a while — until it got old. I get bored quick, especially with the sex talk. I mean we can sext, but after a certain point, you either going to talk a good game or be ready to play. All talk doesn’t keep my interest. I need that freak action if you’re going to brag about yo skills.

He kept asking me about recording videos, and how I would feel if we made some videos and I was cool with doing it for the GRAM and SNAPCHAT. I was thrown aback because he was STRAIGHT UP SERIOUS. He was telling me all types of shit about filming these freak videos, and I told him nah I’m good. I’m not about to have my shit exposed online, no matter how good my skills are bruh, I ain’t thirsty for no retweets or likes.

So I kind of slowed down on him at this point, I had realized he’s only focused on sex. So I wasn’t really texting him as much at this point. I was kind of over it, but at the same time, he’s SEXY. I can’t lie, he was FIONEEEE. I couldn’t just let him disappear on me, even though I didn’t want sex right away, I didn’t want to cock block myself in-case if I needed some cuddle loving in the future.

So I would talk to him from time to time, small talk and things like that. I kept my distance as far as entertaining his requests for me to come over. I wasn’t doing that, no matter how many times begged me. I wasn’t going to do that.

My body was telling me something different, fuck yeah I wanted him. But I was trying to practice my celibacy. I had broken it the summer before meeting him, and I was not going to mess up again. UGH, I am always so damn indecisive.





Now one thing about me is the fact that I have no issue speaking about my celibacy. With celibacy, I practice self-pleasure. I rather handle my own, then to go out here and catch these bugs. I can’t be catching flees by these men, which is why I don’t do casual sex. Yes, I do masturbate. I’m not big on the whole Tumblr freak pages, my primary source of pornographic videos are mostly on myvidster. But I came across a page on Twitter, which was a freak page and it was linked to a Tumblr page. Y’all be seeing those damn videos up and down y’all time lines too. I liked what I saw, and decided to visit the profile.

My biggest regret… I should have never clicked on that damn page!

When I came across the Tumblr page, I became ADDICTED! I mean, myvidster is cool, but TUMBLR is where all the freaks are at. I didn’t know I could find all those freaks.

Let’s just say I had a GOOD TIME. I started downloading videos, going on mad pages finding more content. I had a FIELD DAY on Tumblr. Now I knew about Tumblr videos because I had a few porn blogs years ago (I been doing this blogging shit, bihh I’m legendary in my Kelly Mizrahi voice.) But these pages were new with more content then I have ever seen on Tumblr.

I’m kind of late, I stopped using Tumblr when they deleted my page for making money on my blog, I was making COINTS, and I would like to say I started that hustle because I showed a few other bloggers how to do it. They went and flipped it and shared it with others. LEGENDARY! So I kind of left it alone altogether.

But when I got back on Tumblr, I was shocked at all these newbie pages. I was just going page to page downloading videos, getting rock hard and everything. I couldn’t believe all these guys had these homemade videos. XTUBE WHO???

I was beyond satisfied. I had enough content to last me 100 rounds for the next few years. But then, I came across this one video. I clicked on it to preview it deciding whether or not if I wanted to save it or pass it up. But then I saw HIM taking raw dicks…

He was taking dicks like he was competing in the damn Olympics. This man was getting rode so hard back to back, I doubt his walls were going to be functional after. WALLS WHERE????

The video was only two minutes and 30 seconds long, but he was getting fucked by a gang of men. I couldn’t believe it. This guy just asked me to come over, he wanted to fuck, and now I find this bullshit on TUMBLR. Sigh.

I couldn’t believe I was watching this guy getting busted wide open on some damn dirty ass mattress. NO, we were not dating, so he had no obligations to me in any way. I wasn’t tripping because I caught my boyfriend getting dicked down like a dog with rabies. I was tripping because he was somebody I considered as cute. I know, I wasn’t going to marry this man or fall in love with him. But the idea that I could have given him my body exchanged body fluids and possibly may have caught something is what had me tripping.

The damn fool even allowed them to ejeculate inside his ass, and I think I spotted drips of blood a few times. 

I clicked on the link in the post, and it took me to his actual Tumblr page. This man had over 100 some videos of unprotected sex.

This man has THOUSANDS of men lusting after him. I mean, these guys REALLY want a piece of this man. 1k and more likes on each and every damn post.

I don’t know; I just know it couldn’t be me. I’m so glad I didn’t go through with that shit. Those videos had me ready to regurgitate. I couldn’t erase those videos out of my mind.

Ever since that situation, I make sure I do some investigating on guys before even exchanging numbers. He was sexy, and I thought he was fine as fuck. But thankfully I didn’t follow through with his plan. I’m assuming he had plans to make me the next guy in his videos. It looked like most of those videos were filmed while the phone was hidden. I don’t know; I just know, I didn’t see him the same way after.

The funny thing is the fact that I see him all over the web now. He calls himself a “pornstar” now.



I must say the shit had me bothered because this fool was probably going to try to do some nasty shit with me if I had gone to his place. I guess you never know a person’s intentions. So you guys make sure you are careful when dealing with these guys online. I’m telling you, you may think you’re meeting somebody, and they turn out to be completely different.


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