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Tell The TRUTH And Shame The DEVIL: I’ve Done Licked A Few Balls In My Life!

There is nothing wrong with telling the truth and shaming the devil. SUS was candid about her struggles, and I don’t know too many people who got a problem with licking a few balls. Shit, we’ve all been teabagged once or twice, the only difference this bitch was smart enough to get paid for it. CATCH IT!

I can’t lie, WRONG TIME to confess such an explicit example, but WRONG PEOPLE to even confess it among. We all know how the BLACK CHURCH can be some of the biggest judgmental people on the face of the earth. The same women sitting in that congregation had just licked a few balls, and it damn sure wasn’t their husbands.

We want to judge those we redeem as just being a drug addict, a mental case. We don’t know this woman’s story let alone her walk in life. She may have just taken a hit or two before coming to church, but the most crucial factor is SHE MADE IT TO CHURCH.

Instead of embracing her, they wanted to SHAME HER and POST HER ON THE GRAM! But these are supposed to be our Christian brothers and sisters.


Man will JUDGE YOU, SHAME YOU, AND PLACE THE BLAME UPON YOU. This woman did not deserve to be treated like a damn wild beast in the jungles. Shit, half the men in the congregation may have had her once upon a time. Don’t be fooled!

LEAVE UNNNTEEEE alone, and let’s support her THROUGH HER DEMONS. It’s obvious this woman has suffered enough.

Whoever recorded this lady — HAD TO POST HER ON THE ENTER-NET! I bet it was one of those dumb ass bitches that says ENTER-NET, oh let me post this on my FACEEBUKKK on the ENTER-NET. PHUCK YOU! You’re going to hell bitch, and I want you to enjoy those little facebook group clicks you got and shares from this shit. You know they posted this shit in their little church group. I bet it was one of those little cricket phone plan ass hoes who did it. THE DEVIL IS ACTIVE EVEN IN THE PEOPLE WHO PRETEND TO BE CHILDREN OF GOD.

This was not a godly act, coming from inside the church, I already know there are a few demons on whoever shared this video. They didn’t do a prayer circle for our sister in Christ but yet wanted to shame her for the views. NOW, WHAT IS REALLY THE PRICE OF YOUR SOUL FOR THAT MOVE BOO?

I’m glad most people are not bashing her, even though you have your few dickheads. But the woman didn’t deserve to be blasted all over the internet. Regardless of whatever decision she has made in her life, that is not your job to crucify her based on it. I’m sure her family has seen this video because we all know how our black families love to gossip.

Share your thoughts on this video with all jokes aside; I think the shit was funny. It was the funniest most honest thing you will hear from a person within the church. They may do it too, but they would rather keep their secrets hidden. I respect her for being TRUE to herself and also SHAKING UP A FEW SPIRITS in the church. Because you know some of those folks up in there started to get fidgety and uneasy within their souls. I wonder how many of those men had the urge to scratch they balls while adjusting themselves. CATCH IT!


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