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Some Pet Peeves Are Worth Holding Onto!



It seems like I am always in my feelings when it comes to stuff like this. But this is a pet peeve of mines, and I totally understand how shit can be — sometimes. Yeah, there are times when a guy may be at work, in school, driving, etc. Some guys can’t respond back instantly, but…


If you can jump on Twitter, and write subliminal tweets. WHAT’S REALLY GOOD?

If you are able to pull up Facebook and start making tons of bullshit statuses… WHAT’S REALLY GOOD?

If your ass is able to post new selfies on the gram… MY GUY… WHAT’S REALLLYYYY GOODDDDD????


Like I can’t stand the bullshit, and nothing annoys me more than some bullshit. I don’t understand, and I’ll probably never get it. But It bothers me to the core.

Okay… I know, it’s a sign that he’s not into me, don’t care to respond, not interested. But you can’t be into me when you choose to be into me. Meaning, don’t hit me up midnight when you want me to get you off. Don’t ask to CHILL if that’s the case. So no, it’s not that, and whatever it is I don’t like it.

I don’t like when guys feel like they can use you, and throw you back they’re done with you.

I am nobody’s third choice or option, and I refuse to be somebody’s rebound. If a guy feels as if it’s okay for this shit to occur, then I don’t even waste my time. No time for fuck boys… NO TIME FOR IT.


He wasn’t worth it anyway…

I waste too much time on guys that don’t deserve it. I give too much time to men who can’t return it back to me. I’m at the point that any fuck ups can cause you EVERYTHING. I don’t care, and I rather find time elsewhere.

No, I’m not being insensitive because I pay attention to small details. If I notice a pattern of problems aligning, then I’ll take that detour and skrrt skrrtttttttt on that ass.

When somebody does not value your time, energy, feelings then don’t wait around for them to change. Some people will never change, no matter how much effort you put into them. I’m no longer trying to make a man like me, want me, fuck me, or even desire me. I’m too grown for the mini shit. I’m trying to be onto bigger and better things, and dealing with text games is not one of them.

I’m not playing tag text with you… We’re not going to do that shit. I like men who are not going to act like they interested one second, and then the next they want to go ghost on your ass. That shit is for the BIRDS… (YOU FEEL ME?) FOR THE BIRDS!!! in my joissyyyy accent.


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The Read Down

No More Dating Guys Under 25 For Me!



Disclaimer: This was a post I wrote in a moment of being frustrated and mad. I do not discriminate against any age group of men over 18 or under 25 if they’re mature enough to handle a relationship as a functioning adult, then I’m open to all participants for dating. But I wrote this article out of anger and frustration. So if you happen to be a guy I end up liking, and you come across this post this isn’t about you. With that being said — continue reading this article.

I’ve had enough with the kiddie shit when it comes to dating. For the last few years, I kept telling myself not to date younger guys. The shit always goes left and there’s never a moment without some sort of dysfunction.

On dating apps, I intentionally put 25 and older. For one, I like men closer to my age for many reasons (being that I’m complaining and ranting in this post.) I just ended a situationship with a 19-year-old boy. Notice how I said, boy, because ultimately he wasn’t a man.

The shit didn’t even last a fucking month. But I put aside my concerns hoping that he wouldn’t disappoint me. Well sure enough he did and I’m done with guys under 25. Don’t judge me, judge these fuck boys pretending to know how to be men.

I might make a change if I met the right one. But I’m not here for the kiddie shit and the games. For some reason, these late 90s babies are on that dumb shit. I don’t have time for it. I want a grown ass man who got plans for the future. A grown ass man who can be consistent enough to make simple ass long-term goals. A man that has a fully developed mind for which he can think on his own. I don’t need a little ass boy in a young man’s body.

Every time I date a younger guy, I gotta deal with young ass boy situations. I’m too grown to be going through all that fuck shit. Like I told this young ass fool, I don’t want to waste my time. I kept explaining the situations I’ve been through while dating younger men, and I gave him the option to either stick around or go. He swore he could prove me wrong.

He swore up and down that he wasn’t like other 19-year-old or shit anybody under 25, and that he was different. You know how they act anyway, he was doing all of that and I kept telling him that a block was promised if he ever got out of line.

Well… two weeks later he tells me he wasn’t sure about this and how he wanted to find himself. He went on about how he was confused about his sexuality. All this other crazy shit that I was not interested in hearing at all. I simply threw up the deuces and told in bolded caps. THIS IS WHY I DONT DATE GUYS UNDER 25!!!

I have never been so annoyed by a text message in my history of texting or even sexting. This boy pissed me off and I don’t mean just by accident, it’s like he planned that shit. Thankfully I didn’t give him a birthday present which happens to be on the 7th of this month. But I am low key mad that I won’t have a valentine this year again making it a third time in a row. I swear my dating life sucks.

But seriously I don’t want to date guys who happen to be younger not just in age but in their mentality as well. The way he cut things off — just rubbed me the wrong way. I’m not promised anything, and I know that people come and they also go. But at the same time, I wasn’t happy with the way he went about doing it.

Then fast forward to last week I met this other 19-year-old guy. Yeah, I know, ain’t this some shit? So I didn’t go into it feeling enthusiastic but I was open-minded. I’m not the type to judge all men, by the way, the last one acted. I treat every guy differently because we’re not the same. I hate when people go about shit like — oh you’re a Cancerian, ugh I and other Cancerians don’t mess well so we can’t date. It’s like sir, I’m not them and they are not me. So in a way, I won’t say, that I will not give other guys younger than me a chance, but I will be more guarded. I don’t want to sound like one of them but legit every guy under 25 have fucked me over in the worse way. But yet, I keep embracing them trying not to compare them to the last one.

But about the last guy, he was young, dumb, and full of cum and all he wanted was sex. I wanted to get to know him but yet sex was his only focus. I’m worth more than a nutt and my time will cost for that (joking). Seriously I don’t know and no I’m not chasing after younger guys. I’m interested in whoever happens to be interested in me. It’s not about age, race, color, etc. But it just so happens that younger guys usually pursue me.

Share some of your own experiences, and situationship with me in the comments or via a comment on one of my social media platforms. I would love to hear some of y’all own stories.

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Anthony Unapologetic

Homophobic Or Just Low-key And Curious?



I will never understand homophobia or a homophobic person’s point of view. If gay people particularly black gay men are not a threat to you then why the phobia? Majority of black gay men do not harass or even bother heterosexual men. Now, yes, I you have a few gay men who have this addiction with straight men. Yes, some gay men have crossed that line and boundary. But the majority of black gay men are not checking for these individuals. And please stop thinking every gay man wants you. If half these women didn’t want you, what the fuck makes you think we do?

If you don’t like a group of people so much then why focus your entire day and energy on them? If they’re weak or as you proclaim “bitch asses” then why feel the need to show off your hypermasculinity around us? If we are not a threat then why give us so much power? Shouldn’t all this aggression be more so focused on getting more pussy in the world? Shouldn’t you be focused on all the beautiful women around you instead of the “faggot” in the room?

I say this all the time in almost every post about homophobic men. Real men who are secured in their sexuality aren’t threatened by any gay man. Real men who are secured within themselves don’t have any phobias against homosexuality. They too busy chasing the pussy. Half of them so pussy hungry they don’t even see any male in their space. Only those who are fighting deeper issues within themselves can be threatened by a community that has nothing to do with them.

I was watching TS Madison’s mom Miss Mary’s interview (click here to listen) and the host Craig The Writer mentioned something interesting. He mentioned how a relative called him complaining about a flamboyant gay male at his job. Mind you Craig himself is an openly identifying homosexual. His relative knows that he’s openly gay and clearly have some sort of relationship with him regardless of his sexuality. The relative wanted advice about another individual because clearly his mind is so wrapped around this person. This man is out of sight, out of mind, but yet the relative is so fascinated by this homosexual that he’s damn near obsessed.

Why does a complete stranger

bother you due to his sexuality?

The man never claimed the guy of coming onto him, threatening his manhood, being messy, etc. He is so bothered by his gay co-worker to the point he gotta speak on it.

This world is crazy, I just came across an article about an ex-Amazon employee who attacked another man because he assumed that the co-worker was gay. He felt inside his soul that gay people deserved to be harmed. Mental illness is real –whenever a person feels like you should be brutally harmed due to your sexuality and identification then something is wrong.

But what I like about what Craig The Writer did was, in fact, told his relative to leave the guy alone. He asked him how would he feel if somebody else did that to him? But I don’t even think these people have feelings enough to care. They don’t have any sort of compassion for others due to their lack of mental capacity and maybe some mental health issues concerning their decision making. If you questioning yourself and thoughts of actions against another person for their sexuality then you my friend is the crazy one.

If you don’t fuck with something usually you leave it the fuck alone including people. If you don’t like a person in your mind you would think to stay the fuck away from them. But for somebody to plan evil things and plot to harm a person is just non-human to me.

I came across a YouTuber who goes by the name of Unknown SocietysReject and I am addicted not only because he’s fine as fuck, but he speaks with a lot of sense. If you can’t speak to me with sense then I’m not one to waste my brain cells listening or watching your shit. No shade. His videos are powerful and his messages stimulate my mind, and my soul. He’s a gay man and he speaks about his own experiences dealing with heterosexual men. I want you guys to watch this one particular video and listen to his message.

The fact that many gay men are not hyper-masculine many of us do encounter these negative experiences with our heterosexual brothers. Unless you are down low or “non-gay acting” then you have encountered some sort of homophobia. Everything he says I too have experience and do still feel in different situations. I’m a Cancerian so not only do I see the hate — but I also feel it. I feel things deeply so my views on the topic of his video go even deeper. But think he spoke the truth and I felt it to the core.

I wish hate and negativity didn’t exist because it saddens me to know that people still lack understanding. With so much education out there for people to grasp onto they rather continue to be ignorant. I am no threat to my black brothers, in fact, I want to admire my people from all walks of life. Our sexuality may be different but we still in this same boat and dealing with this same struggle. Instead of our people putting aside our differences we continue to put each other down.

How can we as a black community as whole overcome our shortcomings? How can we as a people of color rise above if we’re so focused on keeping each other down?

I blame those who have raped our black brothers causing this phobia and fear in some of their minds. I blame those who have embarrassed them and threatened their manhood by trying to come onto them unsolicited. I blame those ignorant black gay men who have done things to make it harder for the rest of us. But if a gay person has done absolutely nothing to you then there’s nothing to fear. All that says is that you hiding or running from some deep feelings you trying to suppress, or that you’re just a hateful person and we all got a day of judgment.

Shoutout to @anngel_devil for allowing me to use his tweet in this post. He spoke the truth, and nothing but facts and I’m the fact checker! He’s approved for this tweet.

These “straight men” focus too much on things that shouldn’t matter to them. If I was straight all I would do is think about is pussy and booze and man shit. I wouldn’t be focused on something that doesn’t peek my interest or shakes up my spirit. Do you see gay men so hellbent on why straight men are straight? Once again the real men know who they are, and they’re secure within their own sexuality. He’s not going to be on some homophobic shit unless you cross that line and force him to lash at you. But like I said, most of the time and most of us mind our own damn business. Yeah, you got some messy gay men but the majority of us don’t bother anybody. But meanwhile, we’re the focus on these “straight” men’s minds. I don’t get it. It doesn’t make sense to me.

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Editor's Choice

Your TOP is Another Man’s BOTTOM!




But men with bodies like Reggie’s and other gym rats be fooling you bottoms into thinking they’re all about the CAKE. But little do you know, that your TOP is somebody else’s bottom for a dime bag and some good cash.

Don’t believe me? Check your GRINDR, JACK’D, and TINDR accounts. They’re generous with the cash flow.

There’s nothing wrong with a man working with what he got, to get what he wants. I don’t knock another man’s hustle. But you BOTTOMS and these FAIRYTALE dreams needs to stop. THIS STRICT TOP SHIT NEED’S TO BE ERASED FROM Y’ALL THOUGHT PROCESS.

But I love how people are quick to say that A TOP can’t let his booty get demolished… Meanwhile, they’re MCM in somebody’s luxury hotel or run down motel right now getting they walls greased up for the right price.

You think they’re advertising the cakes on IG for nothing? STRAIGHT MEN? TOPS?

Somebody’s down for the prize for the right price…

I would never be foolish to think a man’s appearance can stop him from liking something sexually.

Yeah, some of these men are married, chasing after pussy, and got side chicks and side boys. But at the end of the day, behind closed doors, they’re down for the cause… Some of them be down for WHATEVERRRR (in my cardi b voice.)

I was going to leave this topic alone until somebody had to slide into my DM trying to argue me down…

They actually thought I was going to back down from an argument.


I guess they thought that I was going to be bothered…

MY OPINION is MY OPINION, which is why this is MY BLOG and I CHOOSE what I WANT to SPEAK ON… I have that right, I pay THAT bill, so it’s my shit.

So HEY BOO… I made this post just for you, and to remind you that those keystrokes are optional. If you feel the need to come back in my DM’s bring those pics you got leaked on TUMBLR. I heard you insta famous now for those arch booty shots. Too bad, yo walls still got some residue in those pics. I can post about whatever I choose and see fit to post on… I have that right.

Now you go worry about those untreated marks and spots on yo booty and stop trying to come for my blog boo.

Like, I’m not being messy, I’m addressing a particular individual that wanted the spotlight.




I love how in 2017 we can express our interests and sexuality. These labels are nothing more than a yesterday’s news to the community. These men shouldn’t have to play up a role to be validated as TOPS or MASCULINE MEN. Some of these men can very well be the next man’s bottom while serving trade realness. Why can’t we have more versatile men than strict tops? Why when a man reveals that he likes the eggplant, then he’s not “MAN ENOUGH” anymore?

Judgement in this community is so venomous. But as I stated in the other post, it’s all an illusion. It’s all for SHOW! These men in the gyms are the biggest bottoms around. The guys with the best bodies and the hood appeal be the main ones moaning like a real one!


They be wanting big dacks in their booty.

So please, this whole TOPS and STRICT MASC TOPS needs to stop. I haven’t met one in years. I mean the legitimate STRICT TOPS because all the other ones been traded in their TOP cards. They got they cherry’s popped a long time ago…

You just stuck up on these images, videos, and illusions. But that’s where they had mr. sucked plucked and plumped in my dm’s fooled. You thought — I wasn’t going to entertain you. But I told you this would be a post. Thank you for the material.

So let’s not be ignorant and JUDGEMENTAL. Respect my views and opinions and I’ll respect yours as well, which most people do as mature adults. But challenging me to speak my mind again, was not a problem for me. This just another post and material for me. THANKS, ASHY CAKES.

Shout out to all my TRADE REALNESS boys that be full out BOTTOMS! You don’t have to change yourself for these shitty holes, wet ass, hotcake, flat baked bottoms with so much shit to say. Do what makes YOU HAPPY, and never allow Anybody to have control over your lives. BE HAPPY… DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! MASC, FEM, BOTTOM, STRICT TOP OR IN BETWEEN!



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