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These FUCK BOYS are BOLD! I’ve nevvverrrrrrr asked a man for money, not even the ones I was fucking, and in love with. This shit is straight disrespectful.

Since when was it ever okay to ask people (strangers at that…) for cash money. Like bruhhhh, I don’t even know you, and you’re trying to pull out of my pockets. I’m nobody’s bank funds, and I be damned if you’re pulling coinage out of my bag. I’d be fucking STUPID to be somebody’s personal savings account.

These guys are straight clowns… like a fucking full fledged ass clown. Then I told him it was nice talking to him, and then he straight blocked me on Instagram. GOOD LUCK with finding the next catch, because it damn sure wasn’t going to be me.

Mind you, I just spoke to this guy TONIGHT… This motherfucka don’t even know my name, and he’s okay with even mentioning money.

I don’t pay for….





AMATURE PORN (these damn fan sharing sites bullshit.)

The fact that he actually thought I didn’t know what the fuck the cash app was is silly. FUCK YOU MEAN, yeah I know what it is… But I’m trying to process my thoughts on how you even pressed those damn keys even to address the shit.

People really don’t understand how my dating life sucks, and how I come across fuck boy after fuck boy no matter who I try to get to know. I don’t chase TRADE, so no this guy was not TRADE. This dude wears makeup and calls himself a makeup artist. It’s not about that. I’m attracted to whatever I find attractive. But at the same time, that shit put a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t like being taken advantage of, and I be damned if you get a coin out of my bag bruh.

So far trying to meet guys has been a rollercoaster and it’s only been a week into the new year. I can tell you a few other crazy shit I’ve encountered, but chile I don’t got the time right now.

I hope it’s not this easy because if that’s the case WHAT THE FUCK I’M WORKING FOR??? You ain’t no BITCH I’m taking off of the damn strippers pole. You a FULL GROWN ASS MAN ASKING ME FOR MONEY. It’s sad to me. This shit, not a go! This shit ain’t cute at all.

I swear the more I come across these fuckboys, I am questioning if this shit is even worth it anymore. UGH! I can’t make this shit up.


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