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Fat Shaming: Don’t Sleep On The Big Guys

The glow up is real, and I love seeing bigger guys get snatched and come back sexier than half these skinny guys. Seeing these men go from what most gay men consider as unattractive, and come back slim and just sexy is incredible. Your come up isn’t based on where you started, it’s where you end up. Being fat, chubby, thick, bigger, plus size, etc isn’t easy at all. Being gay and fat is damn near a crime.

Guys will say some of the most hateful, nasty, cold hearted remarks based on your body alone. You will find yourself being instantly rejected, not because you may have a fucked up attitude. You’re rejected because you’re not skinny enough.

I saw this one profile last night, this guy said he didn’t want nobody in his inbox over 187!!! So even 200 pounds to him is disgusting and beneath him. These profiles have so much hate disguised as preferences.

Having a preference is totally okay. Being bigger doesn’t mean we going to attract everybody, and its totally okay not to be somebody’s type. But the issue I have is when a person makes their preference known but in a hateful way. I’m sure many of you have seen profiles stating no fats, no fems, no old heads, etc. But then the insults and jabs at us chubby guys just become so petty. I cringe everytime I read these profiles, and their blatant disgust with us.

You cant expect to attract good people, while you promote hate. It doesn’t work out, and even if they expressed their distaste in skinny guys, I don’t want to engage with individuals like that.

But what makes me happy is seeing guys who do not discriminate against us for our body types.

But if you’re into men of all shapes and sizes, then don’t sleep on the big boys. Some of these men including myself  will not only provide you with the perfect body heat to cuddle up with, but they also can keep you eating good.

At least some of us know how to throw down in the kitchen. Big boys got the perfect love making fluffiness that will have you craving for seconds.

Let me stop advertising my cuddling services.

While many bigger guys in the community have a hard time finding potential dates, the same ones hating on them be low key messing with them on the low. The ones who do the most shading are usually the ones who jump on the opportunity if presented. So shoutout to the bigger guys keep loving yourself no matter what!!! Shout out to the guys who take the time out to show us, love.

I know the idea of finding a chubby chaser is a goal, but from my understanding and personal experience, those guys do not chase just any chubby type. Now I’m 250 or around that weight. But I’ve had chubby chasers reject me because Wasn’t big enough! I [yeah, you read that correctly] I was not fat enough for them. So I always found myself frustrated because I’m not skinny enough for this type if guy, and then I’m not big enough for this type over here.

I’ll never forget my first boyfriend, told me he was breaking up with me because I had gained some weight. I was young at that time, and it happened quite few times after. But thankfully I always worked out to at least keep my body intact. I’m 5’8 so my weight always made me look stocky. But this year I’ve gained some fat and I need to turn it into muscle.

One thing, I can say about “some” straight men is that they don’t always care about the body. Now of course There are some who act funny about it. But some straight men could care less. But gay men are driven by image and looks and base everything on looks. Not all of us, but a lot of gay men are superficial. Social media proves my statement look online! Read the statuses, view the images and captions.

But speaking about social media, there are many plus size, bigger men on Instagram that shows off their fluffiness, and man boobs — and guess what? They get Thousands of likes! So no we are not disgusting to everybody and those who do feel that way are unhappy within themselves. Yeah, people can say being big or bigger is unhealthy, but I’ve seen more unhealthy skinny people with way more health issues.

Now I do not promote anti fitness, I do believe in taking care of yourself and working out. Not to lose weight, or catch the eyes of another guy. I do work out, but work out for my own reasons not to get a man to want to love me. We need to start loving ourselves and stop seeking acceptance from people who don’t care. Love yourself enough to work out and lose the weight for your own self.

I know it’s hard, and I know how it feels to be rejected because you don’t fit the mold or ideal size. Let them sleep on you because when you do get snatched, you will shit on them. Love yourself and keep pushing big and all! Your body is still beautiful only if you see the beauty in yourself.


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