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Does He Love The Real You Or Just The Idea of You?

Many of us want to find “true love,” but sometimes true love doesn’t love the same way.

Some men come with motives and goals outside of your typical relationship goals.

Some men come simply to conquer and destroy whatever ounce of peace you got due to their own unhappiness.

So there’s never really any particular way of finding true love, but when you do, it’s not hard to see.

But if you happen to be dating a guy, and you question some things then maybe this post is for you.

I’m not saying that the guy you’re dating ain’t shit, but I’m just saying. KEEP READING.

Some guys love the idea of you.

Some guys only see themselves with you for gain.

Some guys find gain by making it known that the both of you are together.

Nobody likes to be used but most gay relationships I’ve witnessed end up being a used situation. In most cases, both partners were using each other, which is why the relationship doesn’t last long.

¬†That’s the harsh reality of most black gay relationships; it’s all smoke and mirrors. What you see sometimes ain’t really what it appears to be beneath the surface. It’s a win-win situation for some, and some play their roles right. But if you could see the real shit in these relationships you would realize it’s the idea of the guy.

Most guys love the idea of having a man, but once they get one they can’t act right.

They start to cheat.


Wanna argue.




Take out their own internal frustrations onto their partners.

The list goes on and on.

So many things that go wrong in relationships tend to go wrong with these type of couples. You can see through them and their situationship. When a man LOVES YOU, all of those things don’t appear.

I have seen some LOVING COMMITTED black gay couples. I have witnessed TRUE LOVE within this community, but those couples were not seeing each other as a gain with motives.

Those relationships weren’t for the illusion of having THAT IDEA GUY. They weren’t bragging about their PERFECT relationship to keep up a front. These men just simply LOVED each other. They didn’t need to post it all on Instagram and have all these couples bullshit on youtube. They keep their RELATIONSHIP PRIVATE and their FIGHTS PRIVATE. You’re not going to read about their dispute on FACEBOOOKKKK.

Real couples do not need to display EVERYTHING ONLINE. They don’t need VALIDATION for their relationship ONLINE. CATCH IT!

But at the same time, you have these fake couples, and yes I said it. These people barely like each other, let alone talk shit about each other amongst¬†the same group of friends. The TEA I got is HOT, but thankfully I’m not MESSY.

I won’t pull out my TEA BAGS! I’ll keep that for another day if needed.

But we have to respect the fact that if a man wants you, he will not USE YOU. He will not SEE YOU as anything more than to make as his better half.

You guys know I’m speaking THE REAL on the real shit that goes on in these black gay relationships. We gotta address the real shit in order for us to fix the error of our ways. This doesn’t just affect me, but it affects all of us. THE COMMUNITY AS A WHOLE. Most people have given up on us, but I refuse to hate what’s apart of me.


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