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Did Y’all Miss Me?

We have so much to catch up on, the last few months, have been chaotic for me with work. I haven’t had much time to blog. But I’m back (and better) and we going to start off with a fresh new start… For the new year!

Everybody kept asking what’s going on with Well, I didn’t have time to write stories and working a crazy shift, and I was thinking I need to profit from these stories and ebooks. So I will be selling my books digitally and directly from my blog. I was looking on amazon kindle trying to figure out how to use their platform. But then I thought to myself, why split those coins when I can keep them all?  Why limit my work and be forced to follow their guidelines, when I can create my own digital distribution.

So I decided to use my site as a blog, and also a way to deliver my eBooks. Now don’t worry, if you don’t have the coinage, I will be having free ebooks and samples available. My books will be inexpensive and will cost no more than $4.99 (even less for short stories). My eCommerce store will be up soon!

Another thing I need to address, gaymenincolor (the insta blog) was just to keep you guys updated until the blog made its return. I didn’t want to leave you guys left wondering what the fuck is going on, but I was not expecting you guys to even support it.  The goal was definitely to give you guys something until I got back on my feet to focus on JBA.

On a serious note and to end this post, I’m making this blog personal and I will be speaking about a lot of topics and some deep shit. Some-things I personally never touched on before, but I will with this blog. I want to have a deep discussion with you, my loyal readers. I want you guys to THINK hours after reading the articles about the topics. I want this blog to be up, close, and personal. Sharing some thoughts, views and other voices as well (open group interviews/articles). This blog will be MY BEST WORK TO DATE… Don’t believe me? Wait for it.

I appreciate you guys for supporting me constantly throughout the years. I am truly blessed to have a major support group within the black gay community.

Stay posted for more articles…


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