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Dear White Gay Men, We Are Not Your Thug Fetish!



A pet peeve of mines is when a caucasian gay man, feels as if it’s okay to approach me, asking if he could to be my sex slave.

I find it so distasteful and downright prejudice. In a way, I view it as them seeing me as a racial stereotype you know being able to play up the “thug” role. I am not a thug, and I would never carry myself that way.

These adult video companies are wrongfully stereotyping gay men of color on film. I blame cocodorms and those older companies for this bullshit. But now we have sites like ThugHunter, and Gay Patrol serving up racist, pornographic dialogue and content.

[Explicit Content The disgusting racist exchange starts at 2:10]

I don’t care how big of a check these companies cash out… There’s no amount of money in the world that will allow me to tolerate that level of disrespect. How dare you, sell out your people for a cheap happy meal, and 50 dollars? Is the money really worth you’re self-respect?

The video comments on MyVidster be full out race wars… We shouldn’t have to argue or state the obvious about these videos. They are racist in plain sight, and people have the nerve to defend this content. It doesn’t matter if it is roleplaying, no amount of roles could justify this bullshit that they call adult entertainment. I’m not entertained when I see a man of another race referring to a black man as “black ass” on camera for views. These people sit back and make millions off of our images, likeness, and performance. Yes, there are THUGS of African American descent. But why can’t they display thugs of the Caucasian descent on film?

They pay these coons pennies, while they sit back and laugh at these cum face dickheads. I hope they feel good lowering themselves on camera. I hope they get a good glimpse at their guilt on camera. Especially when they face themselves in the mirror trying to clean the cum off their faces. I hope the little money they make is enough to buy them some self-respect after filming this type of shit. It wouldn’t be enough to clear their damn conscious.

These companies have an audience of loyal subscribers. These men pay thousands of dollars to watch black men get degraded and shitted on, for damn near free. These men don’t even get a damn residual check. These sell-outs wouldn’t even know how to sign a damn contract, let alone be able to read one.

I am all about love among all people and races. But I can’t sit here and act like racism in porn does not exist. How the fuck you expect somebody to bust a nutt if they’re hearing racist shit in the video? I damn near lost my mind coming across that vulgar talk in some of these videos. But what bothers me the most, is the fact that these same men feel like it’s okay to approach us the same way.

Black on Black porn isn’t any better. These “PAID PLAY THUGS” do the most… The portrayal of the black man in porn is disgusting. Yeah, it’s a FANTASY, but at who’s expense? The same stereotypical images in these damn porn sites are giving people the idea that they can outright say these things. Why the fuck would I want to be another man’s sex slave master? What type of shit is that? Then on top of that, he said some other remarks.

No, this post is not directed at ALL white gay men. Because there are some really respectful lovely caucasian gay men out there, who do not tolerate this either. This isn’t a black vs. white gay topic war. This is simply me pointing out the obvious that most people can’t speak about. These men in these videos know damn well their loved ones would be disgusted with them. Not just with the fact they’re doing porn, but the fact that they would allow somebody to degrade them on camera! This shit last forever, there is no erasing this shit. You will forever be viewed as the coon on a porn set. That’s the sad part; these men don’t even care about their own reputation, let alone their own race.

Disclaimer: I am not bashing black gay porn stars who do interracial porn. This is only for the coons of America, who allows themselves to be portrayed in this light. I REPEAT! This is not an anti-interracial gay porn post, nor am I bashing BLACK GAY MEN who do INTERRACIAL PORN. This is only for the racist interracial porn participants. They are clearly aware of the final product, but rather sell our people out for their little $150 check from these flipped studios. One site flops, and they come back with a new name but same faces? Yeah… So clearly the gimmick ain’t working, but the message is very clear and still online. These videos are still floating online. Imma tear these motherfuckas a new one.


We’re not your sex toys and thug fetishes, many of us don’t even consider ourselves of the sort. I would like to believe that as black men we’re raised to respect and honor our own, and this shit is not the way to go. But you’re going to get a few coons. The money must be good because selling your ass and soul ain’t worth shit. Especially if you’re ass won’t even profit after that 150 check if you even made that much from it. You better off brand your ass as well. Place that hot iron to that ass since you down for the cause.

But enough of these deviant ass men of color, who would be better off tap dancing for their porn masters.

I don’t understand how these men can watch a video, log off a site, log onto dating/hook-up app, and then think it’s okay to make these type of requests. I was so taken aback by that message sent from that disgusting perverted ass individual. Knowing how we have these porn one hit wonders doing this shit on camera. I wouldn’t be shocked if some dummy went along and took that money he was offering for it. But It damn sure wasn’t me… and that was the first and last time I went on GRINDR.

Y’all quick to bash these black gay porn companies, trying to pull people’s STD charts and expose HIV statuses. But none of you care enough to defend your own people in these comments against these racists ass adult companies, profiting off of your own. These motherfuckas can sit on a video bash two black gay men, but won’t defend their own when these men profit off of us with stereotypes. But it’s okay, right? We can SPILL TEA on all these black gay companies, but we quick enough to BASH our own.

The man in the video said all sorts of nasty derogatory shit. But you won’t see any outrage in those comments. But let it be about Hotrod, Remy Mars, Intrigue, Trapboyy, Rico Pruitt, etc. It’s all sorts of HATE, LIES, BULLSHIT, DRY TEACUPS, BURNT BISCUITS and more… People don’t want to speak on this SHIT which is blatant as fuck! But we got time to discuss people’s sexual health and practices.


The stereotypes need to end with these damn adult companies. Find a new NICHE! Set up a new STORY FUCKING LINE. We also need for these men of other races to respect us. We are not THUGS, and we all do not CARRY ourselves like that. No, a majority of us will NOT be your FETISH or SEX SLAVE MASTER on some reverse psychology shit. I PEEP GAME!

I don’t want any parts of that ignorant ass shit. People love interracial gay porn, and I do as well from time to time. But there’s a difference between interracial porn and downright racist porn. If they want to make a market for racist porn, then do so, but keep that shit from the general viewers. Everybody don’t want to see a Caucasian man call a black man who’s sucking his dick all sorts of derogatory terms. It’s not okay and should not even be allowed on major tube sites. They won’t allow blood, gore, rape, incest, etc. So why tolerate racist porn? Yeah, I’ll wait on that to be explained…

DISCLAIMER: Okay for those who didn’t read carefully.






Shall we say, I went the fuck off or NAH?


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Lance

    January 22, 2018 at 12:14 PM

    what do i think?? um i think that white guys dont think we are their gay thug fetishes…. thats just an ignorant statement. I am actually flattered that some of them find us attractive and like us.. whats wrong with that? Plus as a gay black man from the hood myself.. i find white guys hella attractive, they are fucking sexy.. i think black on black dating is gross.. i think that its 2018 and people need to wake the fuck up and start mixing, interracial dating is so beautiful i love it.. i think instead of killing and hating eachother we should all love and fuck eachother lol.. get over it.. no one thinks your their thug fetish.. if they find you attractive they find you attractive.. it is what it is.

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Anthony Unapologetic

Jack’d, Grindr, Tinder, And Plenty Of Fish: Do’s And Don’ts And All Things In Between



Being a member of the majority of the popular gay dating apps, I think I got the credibility and credentials to speak on these things. I’ve made few mistakes and dodged a few as well. But one thing I can honestly say is, I still to this day see these errors and ways online.

Online dating for the gay community has advanced in so many ways. We don’t have to do the bathhouses and somebody’s nearby park to meet up. All it takes to meet your match is the stroke of a few keys and some good ol WiFi. But then again maybe social skills for these men wouldn’t be so bad if things would be old school.

You can get access to just about any type of man you want and more. Despite the catfishes and crooks, you’d be shocked how much dack is out there on display. Most people don’t know how to use these resources to pull what they truly want.

So let’s get into these do’s and don’ts when it comes down to these popular gay dating/fucking apps.

First thing is first… you know what you signing up for when you join these apps. Ain’t nobody got time for your tears and complaints. Bitch go join Christian mingle if you feel some type of way about the hoes. Yes, dack pics and shitty ass pics will be on display. Why huff and puff about shit you should already be accustomed to? Shit, Bgclive and Adam4adam have prepared us all for this level of hoeism. You either down for the cause or out without pay. But the hoes will still be hoes and these apps will still be designed with the purpose of sex.

I get it, you didn’t sign up for all of that freakiness. But yo ass didn’t have a problem stroking those keys to find a password selection and join option. Clearly, these things can’t be affecting you that bad if your ass is present.

I’m going to need these down low/DL men to have a seat in the front row of the congregation. I need to talk to some of you real quick. Now if you’re down low, and make these claims of being discreet then what the fuck makes you decide to post these open photos? You claim you not openly gay, but yet you got your face all in these apps. You don’t think yo girl don’t know any active users of those apps? Do you not think women in 2018 not catfishing on these gay apps trying to catch their man on the low in the act?

Messy situation but true, some time ago a down low guy got caught on an app. His girl created a fake page and just so happen to catch him logged in. This fool set up a meet up with his girl and his images were displayed all over the page. Needless to say, I don’t think he’d do that shit again. But seriously, you say you down low so why the hell you got pictures of your face on the app, You don’t think the heterosexual community can’t download and scoop through these apps? Smh.

Now that we got that out the way, I need to address something else. Fellas, please stop with these long ass dragged out profile descriptions. Write a small bio it shouldn’t be any longer than a Facebook bio or even a tweet length. You may be the most educated interesting man on these damn apps, but I’m not about to read novel after novel on these profiles.

What happened to be able to break the shit down and organize the bios? I tend to swipe left on pages after becoming overwhelmed with the lengths of the bios. I don’t wanna read a profile for 20 mins just to get to the bottom and you’ve dismissed fats and fems. I’ve done wasted time and found out I didn’t even qualify.

Blank Profiles… These ghost members who want to play these damn games. Listen, if you hit me up and you don’t have a picture and I ask you to send me one, don’t catch an attitude. You know the game the moment you pressed send with no damn profile pictures in sight. I’m not about to have a blown out conversation without seeing who the hell I’m speaking to on these apps. This doesn’t work like that and ain’t nobody got time for those games. You came to me with no face photo knowing I wouldn’t entertain that shit. How are you going to catch an attitude with me? This applies to the profiles with locked photos. Unlock yo shit!

Favoriting and sending unsolicited nudes… please explain to me why you think because you favorite my page that I’m about to hop on yo dick? Then when I don’t do it, waiting for you to actually write me, you wanna block and get mad?

Also, stop sending these damn unsolicited nude pics. Your dack does nothing for me. I’m sorry, I don’t jump to the sight of a rock hard dack. They all look the same to me and you probably can’t hang. If you wanna get me aroused ass would do quite better. But don’t send me nudes unsolicited period. If you had read my page you would have known I’m not into casual sex.

Read my page before contacting me. Don’t you guys hate when somebody contacts you without reading or even attempting to look at your profile? I can’t stand when guys hit me up and didn’t even take time out to read my page. What annoys me is the fact that I’m chubby I’m not skinny. Guys will hit me up and clearly I state on my page that I’m chubby. We get a conversation going only for them to go ghost after finding out I’m not skinny. Or they ask me to send a full body pic, and I’ll send them my Instagram and then they act stupid dumb. Like hello, my profile states everything you need to know to avoid wasting my time. I could give no fucks about yours if you weren’t genuinely interested in me. Read the profiles before hitting me up. Thanks… management!

Guys online who’s only on to pass time with no interest in meeting up or getting to know anybody. Why the fuck are you on here? Why are you here hoe? In the words of Joseline. You passing time or are you wasting time? Because no level of boredom could have me sit on an app for no reason. That’s pointless shit. A pointless conversation about nothing equals time being spent for nothing. Chile, I guess — keep doing you.

Catfishing + 2018 = FAIL! Like let’s be real it’s 2018 technology has advanced to the highest power. You would think people’s intelligence level would of advanced as well but clearly, that’s not the case here.

There is no reason why people are catfishing or being catfished in 2018. If you don’t get a damn thumbs up picture or even a name tag shot to secure the bag. First of all social media is everything. Okay, he doesn’t have Instagram but he’s on social media in some sort of way. Now if he’s a hood boy piece of trade he may not have any of that shit. That’s the chance you may need to take talking to him. But being fooled only makes you the fool. Be smart.

Scammers scam on but I won’t be one of the fools. People seriously out here getting scammed on these sites. If a sexy guy with fake pics send you a message about bank-wiring receiving funds block and delete. Do not entertain the bullshit, but sadly people are still being fooled.

The list goes on but I got other things to write about. You should know the rest anyway. But we gotta do better on these apps. These apps are nothing new and at this point, Y’all know what to do and not to do. But here is a quick list of dos.

Be interesting and know how to start, hold and carry out a full blown conversation. It makes you look smart even if you not that smart.

Introduce yourself the right way. Make sure you give a name before carrying on a conversation it’s only the right thing to do.

Reply back to people even if you’re not interested. You may make a new friend and god know some folks on these apps need them. Being mean rude and nasty to people will get you nowhere. I don’t care how pretty you are in the face fella! You gotta be humble. It will get you places!

Enough said.

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Anthony Unapologetic

Girl, Your Man Is Gay: Signs To Find Out If He’s On The Down Low



It’s 2018 and I believe in my heart and soul that these men are out here fucking everybody. The days of having the 100% heterosexual man laying in your bed ladies are long gone. There’s nothing wrong with men exploring their sexuality. I believe there are many bisexual identifying men out there, but unfortunately, they aren’t embraced by their women.

We shame and judge men for being on the down low, but if you realize the bigger issue is the black community, mainly black women having an issue with bisexuality among our black brothers. But if these men were able to just be open and honest with society, and most importantly themselves we wouldn’t have the problems we got now.

Black women are at risk when it comes to HIV, which is a known fact. But the issue I find with that is the fact that black women refuse to believe that their man goes both ways. But that’s the reason why it’s such a big secret amongst closet bisexual men because black women do not tolerate a man who dips and dabbles with other men. Not understanding sexuality, and being educated on the truth — these women are constantly being victims to HIV.

Do I condone the down low lifestyle? No, and I don’t support any man who is unfaithful and dishonest to the person they’re supposed to be committed to in a relationship/marriage. But I need our beautiful black sisters to embrace their man’s sexuality while being educated on it. Because to be real about it, most of these women are dealing with bisexual men whether if these men are in-denial or discreet about it.

The fact that your man “acts” like a man doesn’t prove shit. Because there are so many men who are hood, thuggish, gangster, etc that gets bent over and turned out. But yes some of these masculine manly men be taking dack up the bussy. They are learning all the tricks their girl is performing on them, and go out and service other guys orally just as good if not better.

There is no way of knowing if a man is down low or not by just looking at him. Women assume that a man who looks and acts like a man wouldn’t get involved with other men. But these HIV rates proves that assumption as wrong. Clearly, these men are heterosexual identifying men who happen to engage in homosexuality practices. Never judge a book by its cover until you read those damn chapters and prologues.

The only way those HIV rates among black women can go down is if they fully embrace a man for who he is on the inside, and not just what they want in a man and from a man on the outside appearance.

Stop seeking something based on what it appears to be, and learn who he is deep inside. Because a lot of these men don’t showcase their feelings to women. The feel like it will make them look weak, soft, unmanly, emasculated. But in order for our black sisters to not be infected, we need these men, who swing both ways occasionally to be open and honest.

If you don’t want a bisexual man then simply find a man who isn’t bisexual. I’m not saying based on what you assume, but get to know him inside and out. It’s not hard to see the clues and the signs. That’s some bullshit, we all got intuition to figure shit out. If you can pull a random man’s gay card then you should be able to pull your own man’s tea too. If you quick to point out a gay man then you should see it in your man if he displays it as well. But I don’t want to dive too deep into that. Let’s just get into some things coming from a gay man’s point of view.

A Man Who Is Constantly Trying To Prove His Manhood.

Listen, ladies, if a man has to constantly prove his manhood run for the hills. A man knows how to be a man and it wouldn’t make a difference if he was gay or straight. That identity is just in him. It’s no different from a woman knowing her womanhood when it just comes naturally. But a man who has to amp up his masculinity is suspect.

A real man doesn’t need to prove his manliness, it comes naturally to him. If he does this he’s trying to deflect the attention off of his other qualities — which may appear suspect to you. His mannerisms and even small gestures that come off effeminate in a way.

His Lack Of Sexual Arousal For You.

If a man is having a hard time being aroused by you, then something is wrong. Yeah in some cases, he may be cheating with another woman or losing his attraction for you. But a man that loves you, and the pussy will always be able to hold it down in the bedroom. Some men will fuck you just because what you got in between your legs. I don’t know any man that loves women that would turn down any piece of pussy let alone sexual encounter. Check his phone for other clues. But in my opinion, he’s aroused by another of either sex.

Obsession With Gay Men.

If you with a man who has to point out every gay boy you see then there’s a problem. If a man is obsessed with homosexuality then what is the obsession about? What has him so curious to the point that all he thinks about and focus on is gay boys?

A real man who gets good pussy daily could give no fucks about what another man does with another man. He’s too busy getting himself some pussy. He likes pussy so his focus is on the pussy, that’s it. No straight man focuses on gay men all the time unless he’s one of them. Yeah, unless he wants to defect the attention off of himself. How about if he wants to do all that rah rah shit to keep you from suspecting anything about him. Yeah, ladies read in between the damn lines.

You Don’t Know Much About His Past Relationships And Dating History.

Ladies, you will be surprised about some of the things your man has never shared with you. I know few gay/bisexual men who go back and forth between the two genders, but they never disclose it. Bisexual men who may end up with a woman but never tell her that he’s been with a list of men. This happens a lot mostly because women don’t suspect anything. But you need to know these things. Ask him about his dating history and if shit doesn’t add up press the issue.

His Homeboys Are Suspect As Hell.

Watch out for the company that he keeps. You’d be shocked at what you may find out if you look close enough. I’m going to give you a big hint — most bisexual down low men hang with each other. These men usually are in the same circles for every possible reason you could think of ladies. A friend of a friend knows another friend that probably had your man. These “bruhs” do more than hitting iron in the gym together. Don’t be fooled and don’t dumb to the facts. You never around his homeboys and they don’t seem to care much about you. All of these friends are single with no wives or girlfriends. These friends are distant from you even though you’re somebody important to their homeboy. Watch those friends ladies.

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Anthony Unapologetic

You Come First, He Comes Next!



I hate seeing people lose a piece of themselves when they enter into these new relationships. You want the representative to be presented at all times, but you forget who you really are while trying to please this man. I’ve seen people pretend to be masculine or masculine enough just to keep him. Then you drop your friends and hobbies to focus on his needs and wants. You don’t think about you anymore because now it’s all about him.

Time goes by and you’ve adopted a new reality, personality, an idea of what love is supposed to be for him. Everything that made you unique is now corrupted because you done changed your entire lifestyle.

I know It’s hard to find a man. I understand that struggle, but one of the first things I do personally is honest. Just yesterday a guy was telling me he wanted a masculine man. Me knowing who I am — I had to be honest and say I’m submissive and dominant. Shit, I’m everything in-between. But I’ve seen men be so desperate for this title of bae bullshit to the point of losing their own identity.

Now you in a relationship and you got the man of your dreams. But how are you going to keep him? You gotta now overdo your part and put on even more of a facade. I’m telling you, these gay relationships are based on illusions and fairytales. But half of these men aren’t even being their authentic selves and you throw in these labels in the mix.

I’m not mad if you can snatch a guy by living a lie then do you — scam on bruh! But me personally, I can’t lie to somebody about something that I can’t be or provide for them. It never works out and when the truth is revealed it comes out ugly.

Be you and always put yourself first. Now let’s get into the main topic of this article. You come first — he comes next. If I could give a list of men I’ve seen put a man first id have a damn novel or two together. The reason why I say this is because when the relationship is done over you still have to continue on. So many guys are so wrapped up into their partners that they lose a touch of themselves. Which is why I think we have so many self-esteem issues and insecurities within our community.

Giving your all to somebody is totally fine. But giving yourself nothing in return is not okay. It’s not a healthy relationship if it’s based on your partners wants, needs, and desires. I’ve seen two friends of mines give everything and everyone up for love and it backfired on them. You can’t be in a relationship if you lose the relationship with yourself. Yes, you still exist and your own needs and self-desires still matter.

People want to stop doing what makes them happy because their man doesn’t like to do those things. Guys want to stop hanging out with friends because their man just doesn’t see it for them. So many men can be focused on the wrong things and they tend to forget the right ones.

If your boyfriend hasn’t forgotten about the small things in his life prior to meet you, then you shouldn’t either. Put your priorities first and allow him to come next. Because I’ve seen gay men become so dependent on their relationship that after losing it they didn’t know how to move on. They turned to drugs, alcohol, promiscuous sex, violence. They literally put themselves last to the point of losing themselves in the end. It’s horrible how some of these men turn out after these relationships end.

Love is an amazing thing when it’s done right. But you gotta love yourself first before you can love anybody else and that statement is basically what I’m speaking about. You come first, then the love in your life comes second. Because it ’s not promised to any of us. We get into these relationships not thinking about the what if’s and the possibilities of one day not being in love with this person anymore. That shouldn’t be the focus but it’s a reality. So therefore while being in love you need to still continue to nurture and love yourself. Don’t abandon your own needs trying to please a man. Don’t lose your own voice trying to help him find his all the time. It’s okay to be alone while in a relationship sometimes.

I know the feeling of wanting to be under a person 24/7 but if you do that and when shit ends it’s going to hurt ten times more. You gotta hope for the best but always be prepared for the worst. Loving you first will cost you absolutely nothing.

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