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Calling All Bottoms: Would You Get Your Ass Enhanced?

It seems like getting the phattest ass on the block is what’s trending nowadays. I’m not just talking about BBW’s,

SAPIOSEXUAL: Freak My Brain Before You Touch My Body

The older I get the more looks and sexual lust don’t phase me. I’m more about, how you can stimulate my mind,

Emptying Your Closet | Ex-Gays: Real Or Fake???


You not gay no more?



Do You Believe In Ex-Gays?

Bisexual Men Of Color Need Their Women To Be More Open Minded: A Black Woman’s Testimony!

While there are some black women that are in denial about their man being bisexual, some women actually adknowledges it,

6 Dating and Relationships Boundaries That Gay Men Shouldn’t Cross

There are some dating boundaries that we shouldn’t cross. Often we do unknowingly (I would say) But sometimes those boundaries are designed for a reason.

Reality Check: He’s Just Not That Into You

The feeling of being rejected is so hard to accept…

That’s the hardest pill to swallow, knowing that somebody you want,

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