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Benefits Of Dating Older Black Gay Men

I guess it’s safe to say that no “old heads” is out of style. Because nowadays older is the craze of today. Now, if you still happen not to be attracted to older men, that’s fine. But just know, you missing out on a whole new wave that is now being trendy.

I truly believe the moment “grandpa zaddy” took on the Insta scene, that everybody wanted them a man of a particular age. Irvin Randle completely shook up the world that old can still be new if you are sleeping on em to wake the hell up. He did shut down the gay rumors, which many gay brothers was not so happy about. But Irvin isn’t the only sexy man of age, and you can pull you a salt & pepper bearded piece of eye candy too.

So I’m going to give you guys a list of reasons why you should drop these young fools, and grab you an old brother.

Older Men Are Still Young At Heart

Don’t sleep on the brothers of a particular age. Not only is the sex bomb, but the conversations are endless. You can learn a lot while still enjoying their company. Age is nothing but a number, its all about being young at heart, and these men were doing all of the things we do now before we could even crawl. So don’t assume that just because he’s older that he can’t keep up with the rest of them.

Older Men Not For The Bullshit, They Know What They Want

One thing about dating older men is the fact they know what they want. Yeah, it may be a turn off for you to deal with men who are set in their ways. But most of them have played around, been there and done all of that. So when they say they’re looking for commitment believe them. So if you’re tired of these young, immature men, find you a mature one.

Stability, Consistently And Reliable

The three golden rules when trying to find something serious. Most of these men can provide what you need and want. An older man with more experience will always be able to offer these things.

Father Figure

This has nothing to do with sick fetishes. But to speak honestly, I think these men could provide more than weed, sex, and drama. I feel that many gay men don’t have guidance and could use an older man in their lives to guide them. Because of most of the mistakes and things they’ve already experienced.  So many gay men of color didn’t have the father figures growing up did apparent reasons. So I do believe these men could help many of us into manhood.

Have you ever dated an older man? If so share your own experience in the comment section. The good, bad and ugly moments you’ve experienced while dating older guys.


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  • Bryan O’Shea
    28 . 12 . 2017

    My first real relationship was with an older man – I was 28, he was 52 – and many of your points are spot on with the truth. He definitely had much more life experience, was an endless font of knowledge, and the sex was….*blushes*. On our first date, within five minutes of meeting him, he told me that he was looking for a partner to be with for the second half of his life. My eyes bugged as this was my first date EVER, but I was so disarmed by his candor that I just relaxed and got to know him. He was an awesome guy and that date led to an awesome relationship that had both of us in it for the long haul (which I thought.) With all that, he was also the first man that literally broke my heart. 8 months into our relationship, he had lots of changes with his job, family, and finances and withdrew from me HARD. I couldn’t contact him, he wouldn’t return calls or texts, was never home, straight ghosted me. After a cpl weeks of that treatment, I sent him a text asking what was up and if we were over or what…he never responded. I sent him his apartment keys back in the mail, and they day he got them, he changed his relationship status to “in a relationship” with a guy I’d met a few months before whom he was business friends with and in his late 30s.

    As much as “old heads” have so many positives, some have a few negatives and I’m starting to see that 1) my ex was wary of me not being as “unclockable” as him (I’m by no means fem, but my career and some of my mannerisms are not stereotypically masc), 2) he was concerned that many of his friends thought he was crazy for being in such a May-December relationship, and 3) when it came down to it, we were at different stages of our life and he needed someone closer to his to relate to his struggles when he was going through his tough times. The age issue has messed up many a relationship, so make sure communication is key in dealing with older guys. I’ll never forget my ex, he was (and still is) a great guy, but ol boy opened my eyes hardcore to what it takes to make a relationship work.

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