Justbeinganthony.com is my personal blog, and platform for me to speak my mind, express my thoughts, and make my voice be heard. As a gay man of color, I feel strongly and passionate about LGBT topics and lifestyle articles. Sometimes I’ll write sarcastic shit being shady, and then other times I’ll touch on serious topics with a serious tone. 99% of topics will be based on the black gay community and 1% of non-LGBT articles. But regardless, I will always bring QUALITY WRITING!

Some Fun-facts about myself…

I’m 27 years-old.

Born and raised in JOISYYYYY [New Jersey]


I have been blogging since my teen years.

I am an author as well as an aspired filmmaker. I want to also work on television as a producer and writer of my own series/shows.

I’m a Cancerian. JULY 7th BIHHHH…