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90 Secrets About Me That Nobody Knows!

I don’t think too many of you guys know much about me. I mean, you guys are some of my most loyal readers. I thought it would be cool to reveal some things about myself. Yeah, a little clickbait, these are “open secrets, ” but I think I keep most of my personal life private. But with this blog, I am becoming more open about myself. I think it will make the passion for my writing, even more, stronger, plus you all will be able to relate to me even more.

So let’s get straight to the post and answer all 90 questions. I am going to give my HONEST response to each and every one of the questions down below. There will be ZERO BULLSHIT on here. I haven’t done some PR stunt and reviewed the questions before answering them. I am going to answer these questions as I go down the list. So this should be interesting. There will be no editing of this post, no delete and remove. I look forward to doing more posts like this with more questions soon.


What is your full name?

Anthony… D… Yeah, I am not revealing my full last name. But I will say it’s Portuguese because I am Black and Portuguese. I just don’t need jobs and stalkers trying to find trails online.

Are you named after anyone?

No… But I’m sure someday, somebody will be named after me. The come up about to be trill.

Where are you from?

New Jersey born and raised in a suburb of Philadephia. I don’t get it, the whole suburb of Philly, being that it’s South Jersey. But yeah, South Jersey.

Where do you live?

New Jersey by day and California by night (dreaming…)

Where were you born?

New Joisyyyyy…

Which of your parents are you closest to?

My Mother. But I love both of my parents equally.

What is your favorite drink?

Cum, it’s good protein. (Joking, I would never swallow.)

What is your favorite food?

I love seafood and soul food. I am also big on Carribean food. I am from Joisyyy, so Italian food is okay.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

My favorite childhood memory is hanging out with my favorite cousins. There was never a dull moment, and no matter what I got their backs.

What is your favorite way to pass time?

My favorite way to pass time is to write. If I’m horny and bored, I’ll get on Jack’d. My DM’s are usually DRY besides the thirst bots blank profiles hitting me up.

What is your favorite sport?

Football because I love looking at the dick prints and all those phat asses on the field. I don’t watch the game; I watch for other reasons. (joking.)

What is your biggest regret?

My biggest regret would probably be the moment I left my ex after he got locked up. 🙁

Are you a fan of any sports team?

Philadephia Eagles and the New Orleans Saints.

Are you a dog person or cat person?

Dog person — cats are too prissy, bitchy, and jealous. I rather have me a few dogs around.

Are you scared of heights?

Yes, but I’m more so scared of statues! I believe in one of my past life’s I must have encountered a damn giant. Even when I look at a picture of a statue I get an uncomfortable feeling of fear.

What is an ideal first date for you?

Something different, unique, unpredictable and rare. If you can shock me, then you’ll have me hooked from day one.

What is something you are gifted at?

Writing and storytelling.

What is something you look for in a partner?

Confidence, respect, and loyalty.

What is something you wish you were gifted at doing?

Singing… because I sing all the time, and If I had the VOICE! Chile, I would be recording every single day. I would be a STAR! But GOD gave me the ability to write, which is even more better.

What is the one item you can’t leave home without?

Cell Phone…

What is the last books you read?

My Own… Redwood and Deep Inside Him coming soon exclusively for sale on my online store. So make sure you guys stay posted for updates on those two eBooks. FIREEYAAAAHHH!

What is your best physical feature?

Lips. LOL

What is your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment(s) would have to be my blogs — thus far. I must say every blog I created went viral at some point. Those numbers were mindblowing, and I am one of the few black gay bloggers with a history of popular blogs. But I am also one of the few still standing or trying to revamp for bigger and better. I like to consider myself legendary because I’ve been blogging for YEARS — consistently. I’ve seen many come and many go… I’m not new to this shit, and I’m true to it. My work speaks for itself, and I have only gotten better with time. But there is so much more to come. This is just the beginning.

What is your favorite color?

Lime Green and Blue.

What is your favorite ice-cream flavor?


What is your favorite music genre?


What is your most commonly used swear word?


What is your star sign?

Sun – Cancer / Moon – Capricorn / Rising – Virgo /

Do you have a best friend, if so, then who?

Not anymore. 🙁

Do you have a tattoo?

No, not yet, but I want some paw prints going up my leg, and on my chest when I get skinny.

Do you prefer kissing or cuddling?

Cuddling because I don’t want herpes. LOL

What piece of technology can you not live without?

Cell Phone. DA FUCK.

What was the first concert you ever attended?

Keyshia Cole – free concert – 2008 fourth of July. My aunt’s friend was going to fort dix and told us Keyshia was going to be there. I was READY! My favorite artist is KC. I still have the footage from my old camcorder. But here’s a video clip on youtube. I was in the center not too far from the stage.

What was your favorite subject in High School?


What was your first job?


What is the furthest you’ve ever been from home?


When did you suffer your first heartbreak?


When was the first time you were on a plane?

Atlanta, 2008 for my 18th birthday.

When was the last time you cried?

A few days ago.

When was the last time you got in a fist fight?

Years ago, thankfully. I’m grown now. I leave those fighting days in the past. But don’t run up!

Who is the best teacher you ever had?


Who is the first person you call when something exciting happens?


Who is the first person you call when something horrible happens?


Who is your favorite musician?

Keyshia Cole (then the following… K Michelle, Beyonce, Rihanna)

Who is your role model?


Who was your first serious Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Aleem my NYC KING! Lol as I used to call him.

Who was your first Celebrity crush?

Chris Brown.

Describe yourself in a single sentence?

I am a mixture of fun, emotions, and lust.

Have you ever dated two people at the same time?

NO! That’s not my MO. I’m a faithful individual.

Have you ever visited a country outside your continent?

No, but I plan on going to Dubai soon… 😉

How many Boyfriends/Girlfriends have you had?

Short term, too many to count. Long-term serious committed (years of dating) 6 relationships most of them lasted 3 years. I’ve been with boys since I was 13 — don’t judge me.

How many relationships have you been in?


If you could give your younger self any advice what would it be?

Don’t give up. It’s okay to cry, but smile later. Don’t trust so easily. Don’t be so damn naive. Keep your hands to yourself. Don’t hold grudges, learn how to forgive. LET GO AND LET GOD.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

It was kind of personal, but I got into a fight during a threesome with my boyfriend, and his “friend.” I didn’t know that they were low key messing around, but it ended up being revealed during the threesome. We got into a fight, hands were thrown, and I am still trying to erase that memory. Asses were jiggling, dicks swinging, balls bouncing all over. It was a mess. Fighting naked is a NO GO — EMBARRASSING TO THE CORE.

One thing you know now that you wish you had known as a kid?

That everybody ain’t your friend — no matter how much they smile in your face. Their intentions aren’t always good for you.

What app do you use most?

Jack’d for chatting, promoting, and meeting new guys.

What are some of your bad habits?

Cursing, catching an attitude/being in my feelings, being opinionated. I could go on and on, but those are my main bad habits.

What are your favorite things about yourself?

I love everything about me, from my fat stomach and man boobs to my cracked smile and my chocolate complexion. What is there not to love about me? I know who I am, and I have learned to embrace it all — the good, bad and the ugly sides about myself.

What are your hobbies?

Writing, reading… I spend most of my time writing and reading and trying to plot my next moves. I perfect my craft, and I hope it pays off.

What do you consider unforgivable?


What do you do for a living?

I am in between jobs. I was just working at Amazon, and now I’m about to get hired for a new job hopefully. But I hope to become a full-time writer, television producer, and filmmaker within the next 12 months.

What is your philosophy in life?

Fuck what they feel, do what makes you happy no matter what!

If you could, what is the one thing you would change about yourself?

The pain I feel inside. But I’m human, and pain is apart of life.

What is one thing that motivates you to work hard?

My dreams, aspirations, and just having that dream that one day the world will know who I am, and support me. I write to heal, and I know I will heal many people.

Name the biggest complaint you have about you career/job?

I would say the sharks, fakes, and people with broken promises.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

My proudest accomplishment was reaching 1 million views on my blog a few months ago. The fact that my articles went VIRAL and so many people supported and shared my articles, made me proud. Also, I would say that my free eBooks had over 30k views. That was pretty amazing. I have great supporters, and I appreciate every single person who supports my shit.

What is your most favorite book that you have read?

My own, stay posted for them coming soon to my online eBooks store.

Would you prefer going to a cinema or watching a movie at home?

Watching a movie at home, I’m a Cancerian. I need one on one and personal time with somebody is always special to me.

What was your ambition when you were a child?

To become a singer. All of that changed and now I want to become something, even more, greater which is a writer. Being in the ARTS has always been my goal, so both of them were my ambitions.

You will be granted a superpower to know everything about one person, who would it be?


Would you rather ride a horse or motorbike?

Horse… I’m so damn cautious.

What is your favorite song to sing to at Karaoke night?

Love by Keyshia Cole.

What is your favorite radio station to listen in the car?

I listen to my iTunes and Pandora.

Assume that you have to eat only one meal for the rest of your life. What would be it?

Sea Food.

How do you characterize yourself; religious or spiritual?


Would you describe yourself as an introvert or an extrovert?

Both. Sometimes I’m open, bubbly, and just free willed. Then other times I want to be alone, in the background and just to myself. I am a Cancerian to the core, so I like a balance of both for different reasons. My mood and vibe play a major role in my choice between the two.

Are you ready to start a marriage life right now? If not, how long you need to prepare?

I don’t want to be married until five years into a relationship. I there are so much I need to learn about a person, and a man would need to learn about me. I don’t think you can learn enough so soon. I give it time, and if it happens then cool shit.

Name the person you can talk to just about anything?


Assume that you are in a very bad mood. Do you want to be alone or have someone beside you?

I want a man beside me if possible, if not LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE! LOL

What would be your dream weekend?

A trip around the world and back. Enough said. LOL, But seriously, my dream weekend would be having somebody to spend it with that I cherish to the core. I wouldn’t want the weekend to end. I’ve had that moment two times. I cried by Sunday.

Do you maintain a journal?

My blog, is my Journal.

For what things you are grateful for your life?

GOD, MY family, good health, love, self-worth.

Do you believe in second chances? Have you experienced them?

Yes, I’m a very nice person. But cross me twice you’re DONE TO ME.

Do people misunderstand you? If so for what do they do so?

Yes, I’m very misunderstood for different reasons. Everybody encounter with me is different. But for the most part, I try to have people take away something positive. But that’s not always the case because I’m human, and I’m not perfect all the time. But for the most part, I try to be nice and treat people how I would want to be treated. But if you’re RUDE, MEAN, HATEFUL, IGNORANT, CRUEL, SELFISH, etc. Don’t expect to have a good encounter with me. BLUNT! I’ll be professional at all times, but you will feel my vibe and energy towards you will reflect what you’re giving me.

What would be your perfect vacation?

Anywhere, Any Place, Anytime with the right people around me. NO BAD VIBES!

Have you ever felt an adrenaline rush? If so when was the last time you felt it?

Yeah, and it was not a good thing. KIDS DON’T FIGHT… KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF. LOL

What is the dumbest thing you have ever done?

Threesome inside a park bathroom.

Would you do an incredibly dumb thing for your lover?

Yes, make a sex tape. LOL

A genie granted you three wishes that cannot be undone. What are the three things you would wish for?


Do you regret anything you have done in your past? If so, what is it?

Yes… A LOT OF THINGS. I had a rough upbringing and went through a lot of painful experiences. I’ve made some decisions that were not the best choices. I’m grown now, and I have learned a lot from those past situations. I’m not perfect, and I can’t pretend to be either.


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